Friday, January 23, 2009

Another day, another van.

This is one of the many news vans at KPHO. Behind it is a large satellite dish which receives signals from live shots and Newshawk 5 (our chopper).
Well, another day has come and gone. I've decided I do hate traffic after all. I think if you have to commute more than 10 miles, you should have to take a mandatory class about freeway driving, interchanges, junctions, etc. Would it suck? Of course. But you know what sucks worse than classes about traffic? Being STUCK in traffic.

And seriously, be gone, photo radar cameras. Yes, I got flashed yesterday morning. Cheese. I wasn't speeding, though. I am pretty sure it was the car next to me. But still, talk about a shock to the system. It's pitch black and all the sudden, you're blinded by a huge flash of light. Nuclear bomb? Nope, just photo radar.

Yesterday was very similar to Monday, except I was a little quicker and more efficient. I also learned how to make slide shows using stills. That was fun.

Next week, we're doing a special web-interactive broadcast about the Cardinals and the Super Bowl. It should be a lot of fun. I'll be sure to tell you all about it again when it gets closer because I think it will be worth checking out. I mean come on! I'm going to be part of it so you KNOW it's gonna be awesome.

The whole Amber Alert thing was really exciting. You can read the story here and watch the uncut footage from the chopper. I'm still in awe at how fast Newshawk can get to a scene. Somebody calls out, "Launch Newshawk!" and literally minutes later, feed is coming through on the ENG monitor. Maybe someday they'll let me take a ride. Although, I have extreme motion sickness so I'd probably blow chunks all over the crew. So maybe that's not the best idea.

I'm so pumped for the weekend! I was getting sick of waking up at 0:00. I didn't think I could survive another day. Time for hibernation.
Oh, and how could I forget to include this? Ha. When I went to go pick up Bubbers from my mom's house, I was a little shocked to see her wearing hot pink polka-dot pants with a salmon-colored floral print top and no shoes. My mom swore up and down that she showed up like that. Looks like Dillon and I are going to have to talk about color matching basics and why it's not OK for a walking child to go without shoes.

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  1. Jenna! I'm so excited for you! It sounds like you are having a great time! Keep up the great work! :-)


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