Friday, August 21, 2009

Not funny.

Little Bubbers, having her first taste of human food at 5 months. Unfortunately, we can't spoon-feed them forever.

I hate when people are messy eaters. I can deal if a large piece of food like, say, a spear of broccoli or an apple slice makes it's way to the floor during the course of a meal. But, the smaller the fallen food particles, the more freaked out I get, and well, freaked out is not good in my book.

Since I have a 22-month-old child, it happens a lot. Especially with small-particle, messy foods.

I've learned to cope with this in my own special way. When Bubs eats her various meals, I usually leave the room. If I can't see the mess being made, it's not as bad when I eventually have to face it. I can just use four or five damp paper towels (don't kill me, tree-huggers) to mop the yogurt/oatmeal/applesauce up in a jiff. Only a mild panic attack ensues. I can easily recover by having a bowl of ice cream.

Today, I gave Bubby her 11:00 a.m. yogurt and, as is customary, I went into the next room to dabble around in the Blogosphere while she ate.

About 10 minutes went by, and at that point I heard only silence emanating from her locale. Which, even those least experienced with children know, is never a good thing.

Of course, the yogurt had ended up EVERYWHERE it could possibly be. Globs of white goop in Bubs' hair, hands, lap, high chair tray, floor.

This, despite the fact my child was wearing a nifty food-catching bib (I can only imagine how much worse it could have been).


Time for a heart to heart, methought. It went something like this:

Me: Bubby, what did I say about using your spoon?

Bubby: Ha. Funny.

Me: (retrieving aforementioned wad of paper towels) No, not funny.

Bubby: (makes ridiculous fake laughing sound) FUNNY!!!

Yeah, it wasn't so funny anymore while I was wiping her face, hands and legs down with a cold, wet paper towel. For some reason, toddlers hate that. But, she brings it upon herself, so I don't feel bad.

And to think, in about 7 months, I'm going to have, not one, but TWO mess-makers.

Bring on the Blue Bunny.


  1. And yes you know when it comes to kids 1+1 does not equal 2 :)
    We are totally a paper towel family. We like to say we are doing our part to keep the paper towel industry in business.

  2. Jenna!!! I miss you so much! I read your blog ALL the time! It is sooo hilarious and totally keeps me going, I ALWAYS laugh! I am so excited that you are having another baby! GEEZ, EVERYBODY is having babies, just not me! :/ If you live here we should hang out sometime! My blog is! Tata!


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