Monday, March 22, 2010

Because I'm lazy ...

...and don't really want to talk about the fact I am STILL pregnant, I decided to link this fabulous blog post from C Jane Enjoy It, and hope you will read it.

It's exactly what I'm feeling right now. Exactly.

Try not to cry.


  1. Well I cried. Thanks a bunch! Here is what I commented on Cjane's blog.

    "When I had my 2nd son, my first was 19 months old. I ruined his little life by bringing a baby home.

    He was mad. Not at dad, not at baby, but at me. For weeks and weeks. When I would sit to nurse the baby he would just scowl at me.

    I cried and cried. I thought I broke my family. My older son would be resentful, the baby son would be neglected.

    Then one day it changed. Big brother loves baby. He gives kisses. When big brother gets up from nap he asks, "Baby?"

    My favorite moment I have had as a mother was watching my two boys cuddle on the couch while watching Signing Time.

    It's tough, but we have given our boys a great gift, each other. And I hope I can ruin their lives with more siblings in the future.

    Your post was beautiful and made me cry. Thank you!"

  2. Hi :) New to your blog - I found you through "6 degrees of blogging" Stop by my blog - you are being featured! (and you can find out more about 6 degrees)
    Until then - sending labor dust your way!!

  3. I remember that feeling. It is conflicting. I still have guilt at times. My oldest was only 14 months when the new baby came and I feel like she never really got to be the's hard.

  4. I don't remember exactly which book this is from, but it's some cheesy novel or something:

    Conversation between mom and oldest child "Suzy"

    Mom: Suzy, when you were born, I loved you SO much I couldn't believe it! It was like my heart was suddenly filled 100% with overwhelming love. So what do you think happened when your little brother was born?

    Suzy: Umm, I don't know, I guess you loved us each 50%?

    Mom: Nope.

    Suzy: So you love me more? Or him more?

    Mom: Wrong again. I was so afraid I wouldn't be able to love the new baby as much, or I would be so busy with the new baby, I wouldn't have enough love left for you. But no one got shorted. When your brother was born, I loved you 100% and your brother 100% It was like my heart suddenly had the capacity to love 200%!

    Jena, you're already a fantastic mom and BOTH Bubby and Smush will feel that. Good luck!

  5. found you through "me as a mommy"'s blog and 6 degrees of blogging! I love your blog!!! so cute, love connecting with other moms and i totally hear ya on the done being preggo thing. i'm not pregnant, but I have 2, 20 months apart. yikes!!


  6. I remember kneeling next to my son's bed, crying as he slept, the night before I had my daughter. (scheduled c/s) I kept thinking "how will I ever possibly love this new baby as much as I love you?" Well, I delivered my daughter and eventually came home from the hospital with her. Within a couple days I found myself saying, "Heh, I'm kinda liking this new baby just a tad bit more than you right now, kid." (he was 4 years old and just being a typical boy with a new baby in the house, lol) Just funny how I went from one extreme to the other w/in a week. It's almost 5 years later and I love them both :) I know your son is here now and I'm sure you already know for yourself how it all works you have enough room in your heart for yet another child and how you are certainly NOT ruining your daughter's life. Enjoy!


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