Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We're late, we're late ...

...for a very important date.

And what date might that be, you ask?

The 24th of September, which is (was) The Smush's half-birthday!

And subsequent Chair Picture time.


Sadly, The Smushiest Smush of All got the sniffles and an ear infection on his half birthday, so it wasn't as fun as one would expect a half-birthday to be. Poor guy. I didn't think it would be kind to put him in The Chair for a photo shoot while his ear throbbed and his nose ran like a faucet, though. So we waited until yesterday, when he felt a little better.

This is Smush on his first sit in The Chair, when he was just a week old:

Couldn't even hold his own head up.

And, here he is on his half-birthday throne:

Gasp! I could eat him!

The doctor says he is a mighty healthy boy, tipping the scales at 17.12 pounds. Wowzers. This Friday, he'll have his 6-month vaccinations and a length check, too. So we'll see just how huge this boy is getting.

In other news, today is Dill's half-birthday. My half-birthday is on October 7 and Bubby's real birthday is on October 11. I love October! Bring on the cool weather.


  1. He's gonna outgrow that chair soon!

  2. What was that about the cool weather? I'm pretty sure tomorrow is October and it is still currently 105 degrees outside.... :(

  3. So...I always look at your blog but never comment so now I am going to! I can't believe how big Carson is getting!! It seems like you just had him. He is one handsome little man that's for sure. I just can't decide who he looks like. He keeps changing so much. Anyway, I hope you are doing good!

  4. Wow it goes too fast! He is cute

  5. jenna! so glad you left me a comment so i could find your blog. always happy to find neighbors who blog :) oh and thanks for the compliment, too.

    your kids are darling.


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