Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Purple shoes and cute kids make me happy.

Today's your LAST DAY to vote in my poll. What should Jenna vlog about? It's kind of funny that I graduated in broadcast journalism and you haven't seen a video of me. Well don't you worry because YOU WILL! Soon!

Here's my "style" for the day. Tyra would call this the amputee look. Where'd my right arm go? Never fear; it's behind me.

Shirt: Kohl's, necklace: made by my sister-in-law, Lisa, jeans: Banana Republic, shoes: Payless (last season)
 Here's the story about my pillows: I got a big brown couch (see above) and wanted to jazz it up with some fun pillows. I quickly learned, however, that "fun" pillows cost a million dollars. And also, you should know I don't sew, so I couldn't easily fashion my own. Anyway, the answer to my prayer came in the form of IKEA, as it often does. They have a ton of pillows and pillowcases to choose from in various sizes, colors and prints. These cute pillows cost next to nothing, and they practically scream "FUN!" don't they? So if you're broke, can't work a sewing machine to save your life and need pillows in colors other than forest green, beige and burgundy, get thyself to IKEA. It would also be pretty easy to further jazz them up with rosettes, sequins, etc., if I wasn't crafty-challenged.

Also, aren't these shoes fun? I always feel particularly sassy when I wear them. Seven buckaroos at Payless last season.

Speaking of sassiness, here's Bubby last Sunday. I love when she wears this tutu-skirt to church. She adores pink and photo ops. Surprised?

Yesterday evening, I caught sweet little Smush cuddling with his bear, completely enthralled with Dora the Explorer. Smush really likes Dora, more than his sister, I think. Dill finds this a wee bit worrisome, but I don't. He's a baby. He likes animated characters with huge heads that talk in loud voices. This does not automatically mean he is going to be cross-dressing in 15 years. Try not to read into things too much, mmkay?

Hope you're getting pumped up for my dancey-dance blog and giveaway! We're gonna PAR-TAY.


  1. OMG!!! Smush is no longer a baby, you have a little boy on your hands. That picture is oh so cute!!! BTW, Love your shoes! Isn't Payless the bomb???

  2. This is the cutest blog post ever. I'm glad your arm is still there, :) I love summer platforms, they are the best shoes!

  3. Um I do hope you dance to a BSB song! I actually expect it.

  4. I need an IKEA day real bad. Complete with a delicious breakfast that costs $2 lol. And yes! I will be seeing HP7.2 at midnight so we will have LOTS to deescuss.
    ps- i looove your shirt print!

  5. Good call on the amputee arm. That's exactly what Tyra would say. Love the shoes.

  6. Love your shirt!! Where did you get it?? Also love the shoes! Oh and IKEA pillows! My bed set is covered in them! :)

  7. Ayden had a Dora birthday cake! The lady at the bakery said she would make it less pink flowers and more green trees. It was perfect. Bobby thought it was funny.


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