Friday, September 30, 2011

That will be an interesting diaper.

Hard to believe this tiny thing would ever be capable of such mischief.

Yesterday was a rough day. I don't know what got into my kids but they were definitely on Satan's path all day long. For instance, Bubby, who is normally very level-headed, decided to crumble an entire sugar cookie to pieces underneath the kitchen table after licking off the frosting. She also pooped her pants, which hasn't happened in quite some time.

But even so, Smush was much worse. Much.

It all started when I unwisely decided to go to a friend's house for craft day and bring him along. What was I thinking?! The instant I walked in, it became clear I should have got a sitter. He was a holy terror. He got into scrapbook paper. He ground his Goldfish crackers to orange dust. He even had the nerve to take a bite out of the foam craft brush I gave to him as a desperate attempt to keep him occupied.

Later, as I was frosting the aforementioned sugar cookies, I put Smush in his high chair and (in poor judgment) handed him an entire black plum to eat. Surely, that will keep him occupied, I thought. I came back a few minutes later to find he had consumed more than half the plum and swallowed the pit for good measure. Definitely. I searched the area and found no trace of it. Fortunately, Poison Control assured me that while pits do contain trace amounts of poison, one probably won't hurt him. Probably.

Then, at 10:00 PM, when I came home from a grueling 3-hour choir rehearsal, Dill delivered some bad news. You know that fishing game, the one with all the little plastic fish going around in a circle, bobbing up and down, and you have to try to "fish" them out (which is surprisingly harder than it looks)? Yeah, Dill said during clean-up, he discovered one of the plastic fish heads was missing. I reluctantly asked if Smush had possibly eaten it. He said, rather unconvincingly, that he "didn't think so."

Very reassuring.

I suppose I have an interesting diaper coming my way. Foam, plum pit and fish head. Awesome.


  1. yikes! I found a penny in Brodricks diaper awhile back. He'll survive. I'm just hoping the pit was a small, smooth one!

  2. For sure, an interesting diaper! A foamy, fish-headed plum pit isn't on my list of things I'd like to find :)

  3. That's impressive. His colon is going to be shiny clean after that one. Maybe we should all inbibe the Smush Cocktail once-a-year for health's sake?

  4. Oh no! What a stinker, but a very cute one at that :)

  5. What a handful! But come on, I think that baby is the probably the cutest kid ever, hands down!!

  6. I dug an awful lot of tiny barrettes out of Rachel's diapers. Just sayin'. She's fine.


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