Monday, November 21, 2011

Whatcha lookin' for? Round 3!

It feels like Christmas when I open my stats to see where my blog traffic is coming from (does that make me incredibly nerdy? Don't answer). Some of these search terms slay me, they're so hilarious. Have a look for yourself!

1) Arab beards. Yes, I'm pretty sure this query led the curious searcher to Dill's multitude of beard pictures, located here. They were probably pretty disappointed to find a lumberjack beard instead of an Arab beard. Close, but no cigar.

Boy, am I glad that thing's gone. Although, it might be making a return next spring! Details forthcoming.

2. Birthday. Ok, this one's not really weird, just starkly ... generic. Maybe the person was having a rough day and needed a little birthday cheer to brighten things up? I only wonder how many pages of search results they waded through before they clicked on MY little blog. (Something to figure out when I have nothing to do -- like THAT day will ever come.) I bet they weren't disappointed by Bubby's rockin' princess party, though. An affair to remember, that one.

3. Plex from Yo Gabba Gabba and every freaking variation therof. Ever since I posted about Plex's mouth I've had a steady stream of visitors looking for the whimsical yellow robot of Yo Gabba Gabba. He must be a pretty popular dude. Either that, or everyone else is just as perPLEXed as I am about his mouth-neck situation. For the record, I'm starting to see the mouth when I watch the show. Which only happens every day of my life.

4. Sister wives outfits. So there was that one time I layered my shirts like the Sister Wives do -- short sleeves over long sleeves. Please note: While I am a Mormon, I am NOT a polygamist. If you came here looking for a real-life sister wife, I'm sorry to disappoint you. However, I'd definitely be in the running for Smokin' Hot Wife if I joined the Brown clan. Watch out, Robyn!

What are people searching for to get to your blog? Find out by logging into your dashboard, clicking on the Stats link and choosing "Traffic Sources" from the list below.

Oh, and please check out my friend Jessica's darling knitted hats by clicking on the yellow button over yonder. --> So glad I have crafty friends to make up for my severe lack of skillz in that department!


  1. mine are never as creative or funny as yours. seriously the things people search and find you is hilarious!

    lets see i've got:ellen show, people of walmart, the door i didn, & my personal favorite, emo momma.

    not as random. :)

  2. Mine were pretty random. I only had two. One was "morbid demotivator." The other was "Kendra got milk." Nice, right? Miles helped me figure out it was probably someone looking for that playboy bunny's (Kendra Wilkinson) Got Milk ad. Anyway...interesting if nothing else.

  3. This week I'm getting:

    what to wear pajama party
    cool kids in suspenders
    high five million angels gif
    harry potter coloring pages
    vintage friends

    Pretty solid.


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