Monday, March 12, 2012

Wicked-good time.

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So, Dill (my husband) is a gem. A real gem. I don't know many men who would willingly pay a to see a chick-play like Wicked. And dress up for it. AND don an Elphaba-green tie for the occasion. But he did.

Of course, I wore green, too.

My 25th birthday is coming up in 26 days, you know, and Dill wanted to make my quarter-of-a-century mark extra special. Because I've been wanting -- no, DYING -- to see Wicked since it debuted about 7 years ago, he so thoughtfully purchased tickets to see it at Grady Gammage. He surprised me with them on Christmas Day. I was sooooo excited! I almost cried! (I try not to cry over silly things like this, but sometimes a tear escapes without permission).

For our pre-show date, we ate at Gordon Biersch on Mill Avenue. The weather was perfect so we dined on the patio. It was lovely. Their garlic fries are heavenly. I probably grossed out everyone I spoke to with my strong garlic breath, but they were WORTH IT.

After dinner, we went to Red Mango for some frozen yogurt. I'm a huge fan of froyo and haven't found any as scrumptious as Pinkberry in California. Well, Red Mango is a close second. DEELISH. I got the mango/pomegranate swirl and topped it with strawberry boba. Good life decision right there.

The play was uh-MAZING, just as everyone and their dog had told me it would be. The music! The dancing! The costumes! But oh my, the SINGING ... I couldn't help it, I cried a few times throughout the show because of how amazing the vocalists were. Truly magnificent.

I can't wait to take Bubby someday. She was fascinated by the Playbill and kept asking me about the pink witch and the green witch the next day. I know she'd adore Glinda's dresses.

If you haven't seen Wicked, you must make it a priority and go before you die. It's fabulous, it's creative, it's funny, it's heart-wrenching, it's touching. It made me think long and hard about how I treat other people. Definitely a life-changer.

And a HUGE thanks to my mom (Grammy) for watching the kids so we could fully enjoy the experience! You're the best, Mom!


  1. Agreed. Wicked is awesome. Miles and I saw it in London. It was one of the best parts about our trip. So glad you got to go out for such a fun date. And you look great in that green dress!

  2. I so want to see it. Glad you had such a great time!

  3. So glad you had a good time!! I LOVE that you guys wore green! Such a good idea!

  4. Oh I so want to see it! And what a good husband and the perfect present. Glad it was everything you hoped it would be.

  5. I got to see this play on Broadway in LONDON.... Highlight of my life?!!!

  6. wicked is all anyone talks about!!! i haven't seen it and i don't know the music. don't hate/judge. it's on my bucket list now.

  7. That's so awesome! How nice of your man. My husband took me to see it last time it was at Gammage and we both LOVED it! The fact that my HUSBAND liked it means that it must be pretty great!

    So glad you had a wonderful time :)

  8. I want to see Wicked! It's coming here sometime very soon. Maybe I'll go. And by the way, you always have the cutest outfits!


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