Monday, November 12, 2012

Embracing the curly.

Why yes, I have naturally curly hair. In fact, it suddenly came in when I was about 13 and hasn't changed much since. And you're right -- I don't love it. At least, I haven't ever loved it in the past because it's difficult to find the right products for styling curly hair. You don't want anything you have to work into your hair with your hands because that creates friction which means FRIZZ. And frizz is just downright awful.

You also need something lightweight so it won't mat your hair down on top, making you look very sad and triangle-shaped. But you want it to hold your hair together in uniform, individual curls. Gel happens to be good at this, but it a) needs to be worked into the hair with your fingers (frizz alert!) and b) is very heavy. And sticky. That's c).

So what do you use? Plain hairspray is too sticky and really doesn't work. I've used some spray-on curl enhancers in the past, but I find them to look greasy and uneven.

In other words, styling curly hair is a trial-and-error process which also happens to be a royal pain in the butt.

My curly sister, Mariah, recommended I use Garnier Fructis Wonder Waves ($3.50). I added some Suave Professionals Captivating Curls ($3) on top of that, let it air-dry for about 15 minutes and then blow-dried it with a diffuser.

Et voila. Curls! Non-frizzy, uniform, bouncy and soft curls.

It's a Christmas miracle.

Do you have curly hair? Try these products today! Let me know if I was just lucky or if they really work.


  1. I don't think I am using my diffuser correctly, I always end up with WAY more frizz that way... *le sigh*

  2. TIGI Catwalk Curlesque hair products are also amazing for curly girls!

  3. I am super jealous of your fabulously curly hairs.

  4. i'm a hairstylist with curly hair, and i LOVE TIGI catwalk curlesque products. awesome!

  5. I'm the same way! I have curly hair, but never do it since I haven't found a good way to style it. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll have to try them!

  6. I'll have to try that stuff. The stuff I have tried in the past is so thick that it usually makes my hair look wet.

  7. I love your curly look! I have always wished I could do that to my hair, but mine is just straight as a board blah. Way cute! Glad you found something that works.

  8. I'll have to check these out - I'm always ready to try new things for my curls, and especially such affordable products! I'll let you know how it works!

  9. Your hair looks beautiful! Totally like something someone would go pay a lot to get done. I don't have naturally curly hair just really thick straight hair that I am so lazy about doing.

  10. I have that hair too! Embrace my friend, embrace! You look great :)

  11. I found your blog while searching for reviews about the oil cleansing method. I noticed here your skin looks amazing! Do you still use the OCM?

    1. I don't actually! My acne was from a hormonal imbalance. I am being treated for it and it's really helped my skin. I may go back to the OCM because I did love how my skin felt while using it.


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