Monday, April 29, 2013

To all who come to this happy place: welcome.

If you're one of my many new blog friends, this is my official "hello!" Just a few weeks ago, I lost my header with all the fancy links on it so you might be confused as to what this blog is about. To be honest, I'm just as confused as you are -- I never know what the heck I am going to yammer about here. It's basically as random as you can get. For so long, I thought I needed some sort of direction on this blog, but I've decided no direction is where it's at. So au revoir, fancy header with links. It was fun while it lasted, but I'm onto greener, less-organized pastures.

Anyway, if you're a newbie, you should probably start here to see what my deal is. Or don't. It's coo. I'll sum myself up right here.

Things I am passionate about:

My husband, the Tom Cruise look-alike (only way hotter)
My sweet cherub children (cherubic in appearance only) (just kidding)
Ending body-hate
Eating real food and enjoying it
My faith

I sometimes take pictures of people and things, but let me just say I take the best selfies EVER.

I've got my eyeeeeeee on you.

I try to be crafty at times. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I don't blog about the times when it doesn't work. Maybe I should?

I'm a story-teller. It's one reason I got my degree in broadcasting -- you get to tell a lot of stories (though roughly 95 percent of them are depressing, and I'm all about happy stories, so I decided news isn't really for me). My parents say I should write a book, but I say just read my blog.

So, what do you want to know? We've played the question game before and it was quite fun. Ask me anything! Even if you're not a noob. I'm feeling up to the challenge. GO!


  1. Question: If you could have lived in any other time period, when would it be and why? Random. I know.

  2. I want to know how you curl your hair like in your main picture and what tool(s) you use :)

  3. I'd love to know what you hope to do after your kids are grown and out of the house. That is NOT to make you feel bad about where you are- I think it's the best job ever! I'm just curious is all ;)

    I love your blog. I also think in addition to being better looking than Tom Cruise Dill is also much more sane than Tom Cruise!!!!!

  4. Your hair is beautiful. I've heard that local honey can help with allergies but I've also heard that it doesn't (b/c allergies are also from grasses/weeds/etc). What has been your experience?

  5. um, you're the cutest. and hilarious. i just found your blog and it's awesome that you're in EVMCO, because i'm auditioning for it soon. again, cutest redhead ever.


I like feedback almost as much as I like food.