Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bye bye, hair.

My long-time readers and friends will remember when I took the plunge and got a pixie cut five years ago. (Yeah, can you believe it's been five years already?) Well, the postpartum phase has been pretty rough this time around in more ways than one, but my hair ... you guys. It's been falling out like crazy. Everywhere I go, there are hairs on my shoulders and back. Every time I wash it, I pull wad after wad of hair off my hands and as I do, I have to take deep, cleansing breaths so I don't hyperventilate and pass out from shock and disgust. My part was starting to get wider and wider and THEN, I found one of my hairs in my baby's mouth and said THAT'S IT. Last straw, blah blah blah ... I'm getting a pixie cut.

So I did. On Tuesday.

You saw my before picture on Monday when I posted the nursing camisole giveaway (which, by the way, did you enter?). But here it is again, in case you'd forgotten.

You're probably like, "I don't see any postpartum balding going on here," to which I say, I'm good at hiding it. Just trust me on this one.

And ... here's the after!

I was totally brave and got an asymmetrical cut. I figured if I'm gonna go short, I might as well have fun, right?

So far, I feel like this was definitely the right choice, especially considering the fact I only lost, like, three hairs this morning and it took a whole 15 minutes to style. It also makes me feel lighter and cuter. Like Tinkerbell. It's basically the best.

Short hair for the win!

And don't forget about the giveaway ... it ends on Monday! Even if you're not currently nursing, you might be in the near future. Or maybe you know someone who's nursing and what an awesome gift would that be? Or maybe you're nowhere near lactating, but you're sick of having two sets of straps on your body when you wear a camisole undershirt. Basically, if you have a pulse, you should enter this giveaway. The end.

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  1. Wow! You put the fab in the fabulous with your new do. I love the chic nod to modernism of the asymmetrical cut. It just suits you perfectly. You are gorgeous, post-partum or not. Thank you for sharing your hair update. Stay beautiful, Jenna!

    Sadie Montgomery @ Hoshall's Folsom


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