Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Me and My (peggy) Peeps

This post is sponsored by Me and My Peeps. All expressed opinions are mine.

I don't know about you, but I have a special place in my heart for handmade toys and gifts. I feel like as I hold them and use them, I can sense the love and talent that went into creating the objects. I also appreciate their uniqueness -- no two handmade items are ever the same.

That's why I was so excited when my friend Jessica, who is a brilliant artist, contacted me about reviewing some of her hand-painted peg dolls on this here blog. I've been a fan of Jessica's "peggy peeps" Facebook page for a long time. She can literally paint any character on a peg doll with the most precise attention to detail. Disney princesses, zombies, Toy Story characters, superheroes, athletes ... It's so fun to see what she'll come up with next!

I was especially anxious to get my set in the mail because I didn't know what I was getting. Imagine my excitement when I opened the package to find ...

The characters from Disney's "Frozen!" In order: Sven, Kristoff, Anna, Elsa, Olaf and Hans.

Check out this close-up the famed sisters, Princess Anna and Queen Elsa:

Let's take a minute to admire the details on these ladies! Sparkles on Elsa's dress and in her braid, a gold waistline and tiny flourishes on Anna's dress ... it's perfect.

And finally, my favorite character, Olaf! So cute.

My kids and their friends have been avidly playing with their new Frozen friends for a few weeks now. Actually, they were so excited to start using them when they first arrived, I had to convince them to let me take the pictures for this post before they ran off with their new toys. They've been involved in Audrey and Carson's adventures ever since!

If you think these peg dolls are as cute as a button (and who wouldn't?), go follow Jessica's Me and My Peeps page on Facebook. She and her friends not only make these peggy people, but jewelry, hair clips and much more! They are so talented. Their creations would make such excellent birthday and Christmas gifts, too!

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