Thursday, January 29, 2009

All in a Day's Work.

First of all, I have a question: do all Mustang drivers HAVE to be crazy on the freeway? Because I have yet to see one drive normally.

Second: I think everyone needs to watch this. It's probably already taken off around the blogosphere but I don't care. I'm posting it because it's on my company's website. So ha.


Seriously amusing. Jenn, I'm sure you saw this long before anyone else did!

And then, watch a couple minutes of this (the video player is on the right-hand side of the story, which I wrote). I guarantee you're going to go, "Awwwww!' And if you don't, you're a sadist. There's no other explanation.

Third: I met another Mormon at work today! Woo-hoo! Steve Garry. He's one of the meteorologists at the station. He's so suave. And so nice! When he realized I'm a Cougar, too, he couldn't help himself. We talked about KBYU and the Daily News, then we played the "Do You Know...?" game. Because really, what Mormon encounter would be complete without it? And it was a success.

So, I guess that makes three of us: myself, Kent, and Steve.

And, I'm finally done with the Web rotation, but I'm a little sad. I hope the other rotations can be just as stellar.


  1. Wow, you are so super busy. I bet it's kind of crazy fun though. It sounds like or maybe that is just because you are a good write. :D

  2. To answer your first question: YES!

    After I got the engine in my 67 Mustang overhauled, I sped wherever I went. I cut in and around other cars that were annoying me because I was driving a Mustang, which made me better than anyone else on the road.

    My car looked awesome, it was super fast, and most importantly, I looked friggin' amazing while driving it.

    The end.


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