Sunday, March 1, 2009

A little bitty baby.

This evening, I came across a dear friend's blog. She just had a baby in early January and he is darling. I looked at the pictures of her precious newborn, cooing over his gummy smile and squishy face. Then, out of nowhere, a green-eyed monster attempted to burst from my abdomen and eat the computer screen.

Jealousy. It takes over when you least expect it.

Now, why in the world would I be jealous of someone who has a newborn? Hello, Jenna. Don't you remember when you got puked on 3-5 times a day, spent most of your time bouncing in order to silence the screaming, and walked around in a bra-less haze from lack of sleep?

REMEMBER? Remember going days without showering, changing explosive diapers, tiredly lugging around a 20-pound car seat and dissolving into tears when you couldn't find the binky?

Oh, how soon we forget when our eyes fall upon a sweet newborn.

As I begin the downhill stroll of my journey towards college graduation, I can't help think about the NEXT BABY. When do I want to throw out the birth control? Some days, I am tempted to flush it down the drain immediately. Other times, I want my tubes tied.

So basically, I'm undecided.

In the meantime, I will just enjoy new motherhood through the blogs of others.

Wow. That sounds creepy.


To all the new moms out there:

My message is simple. SAVOR IT. One day, you'll be looking at this, wondering how she'll ever learn to hold her own head up, let alone walk:

Then, you'll blink. And when your eyes reopen...

...a little girl will be looking back at you.

I'm installing toothpicks in my eyelids as we speak.


  1. From what my sisters tell me, it's like the veil. :) Heavenly Father made it so that we would forget because if we didn't forget, we're not sure we would ever do this over and over and over again. So tricky! :)
    When you're 9 months pregnant and ready to kill somebody unless they get this baby outta you, you're thinking NO! NO MORE BABIES! EVER! Then, a little while later, you see this beautiful, sweet, tiny thing and all it takes is one sweet little smile or a yawn and you've forgotten everything.
    Good luck! :)

  2. Haha!! I wonder why when I see my friends with babies get all goo goo over newborns... to me they're all the same! And as soon as I read the words "I'll do things differently THIS time around" I had to rush over here an see if you had an announcement... haha. I was expecting "the next" not... "This" But I know how you feel :) There's a green monster living in my stomach too!

  3. Oh Jenna! I feel the same way. Somedays I want to sabotage the birth control and throw caution to the wind. But then I see screaming babies in church and I decide not to. However, little babies are addicting!

  4. It IS amazing how quickly babies grow up, but it is definitely a pleasure to watch! There is just something about a new baby that makes me feel calm.

    At the same time, you KNOW I have that same green monster! :-)

  5. For me it's a little different. It's all about kittens! If it wasn't for Brian's sensiblity, we'd have about 500 kittens/cat by now. This is true.


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