Monday, April 6, 2009

Mom the Intern crams it all in.

Well, folks. My internship is going to be over sooner than originally planned.

The requirement is 280 hours. As of today, I have worked 200.

Graduation is a little less than three weeks away. So here's the plan:

This week, I work Tuesday, Wednesday AND Thursday, 10 hours each day. That's a total of 30 hours this week.

Next week, I do the same thing.

The week after, I work Monday and Tuesday, 10 hours each day.

On Wednesday, I catch my plane to Provo and turn in all my busy work. Thursday: Commencement. Friday: diploma time.

Then when I come home, I'll have nothing left to do but celebrate.

Bid me strength, fellow bloggers; these 30-hour weeks might KILL me. But when it comes to removing a Band-Aid, I'd rather rip it off all at once than slowly peeeeeeeel it off as my skin cells scream one by one. So, here goes nothing.

Two weeks, four days. The light at the end of this tunnel is getting brighter by the second...



  1. Once your internship is complete are you going to still keep this blog or just use your main blog.

    Personally, I like them both, one for family and one for you and whatever career you eventually decide on be it out of the home or in the home.


  2. "The light at the end of this tunnel is getting brighter by the second..."

    Just make sure you're in the right tunnel. From what I understand, there's another tunnel where you can't make a U-turn. :-|

    Good luck with those last 80 hours!


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