Friday, May 15, 2009

Mom the Intern takes on fitness.

So here we are, about 3 weeks into this motherhood internship. It has finally set in that I am a stay-at-home mom. At first (as you could probably tell by this post), I was really shocked by the transition. Like jumping into a pool of ice water in July. I honestly didn't know what to do with myself.

But, I've since picked up on some activities that are keeping me busy and also building my self esteem. One of these is regular exercise.

Back in high school and during my first semester of college, I used to care a lot about being fit. I lifted weights and ran on a regular basis. At one point, I was running three miles a day, no sweat (if only I could still do that)! I had abs of steel, toned arms, and perfect calves.

Then, I got married, and working out took a back seat. Why? I don't know. I have no good excuse. I guess I preferred eating at fun restaurants, going to movies, and shopping with my new hubby over breaking a sweat at the gym. Plus, Dill has never been one to exercise regularly, so he certainly wasn't helping the matter. I quickly fell out of shape, but lucky for me, I still looked good.

After a year of married life, I got pregnant. I realize it is perfectly safe and even recommended to exercise during pregnancy. But honestly, huffing and puffing with Denise Austin was kind of the last thing on my mind (my top priorities became sleeping and making it to the toilet in time). When my nine months of gestation came to an end, I wished I had tried harder to exercise during the pregnancy. I was out of shape and looking the part, too. Let's just say I gained 50 pounds during my pregnancy, and NO ONE (not even you, Tyra Banks) CAN HIDE THAT AMOUNT OF EXTRA WEIGHT. Especially not someone who is 5 feet 3 inches tall.

Sadly, the extra L-B's weren't motivating enough to start exercising again. Once, I started school again, I was just too busy (lame excuse, I know). I did begin eating better and tried to incorporate more physical activity into my daily routine, but I still couldn't make it to the gym regularly. So, it took 10 months to burn those puppies off ("those puppies" being the extra pounds. Get yo' mahnd outta da guttah!).

During my internship, I wasn't particularly concerned with the way I looked. Yes, I had lost the weight, but I was far from in shape. I would occasionally see jiggly things in places, but I thought, I can't be bothered by this right now. I just have to survive. Exercise can wait. But poor exercise had already been waiting for me for 3 years!

Now that I have no excuses, I have decided to make good ol' exercise a part of my life again. It is time to get back in the saddle.

Our apartment complex has a little weight/exercise room, so I have been going there a few mornings a week to run on the treadmill. Amazingly, muscles I didn't know I had are sore. Even the top of my butt was sore last week. But I am feeling so much better with each day. I used to go into asthmatic attack mode within 5 minutes of starting the treadmill, but now, I can jog for 15 minutes straight. And instead of collapsing in agony at the end of my work-out, I feel blissful and alive!

On days when I don't go to the gym, I try to hop onto my Wii Fit. I got it as a graduation present and I'm so glad I did. I really like that I can do yoga and basic strength exercises with a "trainer" (whom I have dubbed "Perky Boobs") in my own living room, any time I want! It also weighs you and tells you your BMI. I like that it holds me accountable and makes exercise somewhat fun.

Oh, if only my living room was as pretty (you can see Perky Boobs in the inset).

Now, I just need to get Dill motivated. But I suppose that's another post entirely.


  1. I don't know where your located, but check out it will give you fitness & an outlet all at once!

  2. How fun!! I'm so excited for you! And excited to hear more and more about this "internship"! :)

  3. yeah, i don't like her...i chose the guy trainer lol.

  4. Reece is an exercise-hater too, so I had to pretty much stay motivated on my own. The only way I can get him to come along on my daily walk is to promise a pit stop at 7-Eleven for a Slurpee.

  5. Good for you! I completely understand this. I was using the Wii fit for awhile but got bored. Johnny got me DDR which was tons of fun. The other day, I saw a new work out thing for the Wii that looked fun with resistance training and bands. Pretty cool!


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