Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mom the Intern Takes On the Two's

I don't really feel justified in calling it the "Terrible Two's" since Bubby is pretty much an angel, but ...

... as of Sunday, October 11, my baby is 2 years old!

I have to admit, I didn't want 2 to come. I liked 1. Sure, it had its challenges -- learning to eat, learning to walk, learning to talk (and Mommy learning to understand), teething, teething, teething, bumps, bruises, diapers ... but, 2 is going to have a lot more "fun" (and by fun, I mean challenges) in store.

Like potty training. Something I already tried to teach Bubby, but failed miserably. So I'm scared to get on that bandwagon again. But she can't wear diapers forever.

Talking is well under way, but talking back ... now, that's something I'm not looking forward to, either. Bubby is very obedient. Something tells me that 2 is the age when that changes.

Oh, and the quest for independence. Bubby has already started to branch out a little, like trying to walk in public without holding hands. But at the end of the day, I know she's going to come back to me and want Momma to hold her. I also know this won't be true forever. It's good for the little ones to learn to be autonomous, but ... I just want my baby to be my baby forever.

(pouty face)

But hey, in March, I'll get to start all over again.

Here's to the Two's. May they be as exciting and unpredictable as the One's (but with less poop, please).


  1. Happy Birthday Audrey! I can't believe she is two! I bet she has changed tons since we last saw her. I still remember when you guys brought her home from the hospital! I hope we get to see you guys again soon!

  2. how is that beautiful child 2 years old?! have mercy. you are amazing.

  3. how in the world is she two!?!! oh my. happy belated birthday bubby!!!

  4. Hey, the two's often aren't that bad.. now 3, that is another story!

  5. Our twos were easy and fun...THREE is when everything fell apart! LOL Good luck.


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