Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I need ...

Did I mention I need a shower?

I need ...

... my hubby to get a big, fat raise. And bonus.

... a sizable tax return.

... a fridge and a washer and dryer.

... a shower.

... a maid.

... a nap.

... a LONG nap.

... to see the chiropractor (maybe I can fit that in today)

... this week to be OVER.

... a vacation.

... a big piece of chocolate cake.

Donations are welcome.


  1. Well, If you need a babysitter to come and play with your little girl so you can take a nap let me know! (480)459 8620

  2. Wish I was there to give you a massage! Good luck with your house closing stuff

  3. Amen sister. I'll send over the chocolate cake.

  4. Haha! You crack me up! :) Oh the life of a prego mommy. :) This baby is a boy right? What are you guys going to name him? Is this pregnancy different than your 1st?

  5. Sorry :( Wish I could do something to help. Good luck and make sure your husband sees this so he can help take care of you sufficiently, maybe by a night out for just you to go get some chocolate cake.

  6. Wait a second...I need all of these things too!

  7. My Saturday is pretty free. I'll come over and be your maid/chocolate cake delivery service. Is 10:00 ok? (Seriously)


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