Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Time to make a paper chain?

Look over there at the right side of my blog. That's my face. Down below that are my followers. (Bless you). Under that, you will see a floating baby with a number on it. That little thingy is my Baby Countdown and we've officially hit 40 days today.

Holy. Crap.

Let's just say I've done NOTHING to prepare for this poor little guy and I am starting to feel a little panicked about it.

I remember vividly when I was nearing the end of my pregnancy with Bubby. I was so diligent about having everything ready for her big arrival. All the teeny-tiny clothes were washed in Dreft and sorted into the appropriate sizes. The nursery was decorated, the house was always immaculate, my hospital bag was packed ... I even ironed the dust ruffle for the crib. IRONED THE FREAKING DUST RUFFLE. Oh, my former self cracks me up sometimes.

But yeah, I'm sure every mom can relate. The first one changes your whole life. Turns it upside down and shakes it. You go from being this cute little wife without a care in the world to a MOTHER. The primary caregiver to a helpless, mewing thing who eats (and in turn, poops) a lot. And when you're at the end of the pregnancy, your body never stops reminding you that this little baby is coming soon, so you'd better kick it into high gear, sister.

(Oh, kind of like how right now my BOOBS ARE LEAKING. I'm sure you all wanted to know that.)

But this is the second kid. Old hat. I can totally wing it ... right?

Um, wrong. I just hope everything falls into place in the next 40 days. Maybe less. (Hopefully less.) I can't wait to see who this peanut looks like.


  1. I totally feel ya! We took the entire week before Dallin was born and cleaned/organized/washed/folded,shopped, etc. We did absolutely nothing prior to that...

  2. About two days before I had my second I realized we didn't have any diapers :) Had plenty for her big brother, but no newborn ones.

  3. Oh dear, I'm feeling you Jenna. Except I'm on my first and still haven't done anything...hmmm.

  4. My mom would always point out those women in church she had pegged as sheet ironers. You know, the ones who probably iron their bed sheets before sleeping in them? I definitely don't have you pegged as one of those people because you are HYSTERICAL and wonderful and so down to earth. But the dust ruffle is legit and no one sleeps on it. That made me laugh out loud. I want to be you when I grow up if that's ok.

  5. It really does kind of fall into place... I mean, of course you have to get diapers and clothes but the baby will wait for all but milk and diapers while you get 'it' together.

    Mother of Five - who all have to constantly wait for mommy to get her crap together

  6. Honestly first time moms are way better than second time moms. I didn't read a book or even buy diapers for Austin before he was born. I just figured I'd remember it all (which I totally couldn't remember a thing) and then I figured diapers would magically appear or something...


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