Wednesday, April 7, 2010

About Peeps.

This is what I know about these bad boys.

1.) They contain a ridiculous amount of sugar.
2.) They are best when stale (it's true; try it).
3.) They can cause constipation. Do not eat when recovering from an episiotomy.

By the way, I'm 23 today. Yippee! Twenty-three with two kids. I still can't wrap my brain around it.


  1. I am so glad that you like peeps stale too. They get uber-good that way (except for the "chocolate" eyes, it's like melted wax paper.)

    Also, congrats on turning 23! You've stayed alive for 23 years which is a lot more than some people could say.

  2. Happy Birthday!

    And Peeps ARE the best when stale! Or dipped in chocolate :)

    Sorry to hear about #3 (Or the lack of #2? BAHAHAHAHA - I kill myself!)

  3. Yeah, even stale I just don't really like the peeps.

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are a young one. :) I will be 30 in October.

  4. Happy Birthday!!!

    I'm 24 and about to have my first, age aint nothin but a number!!

  5. happy birthday gorgeous lady!
    and peeps = AMAZING.

  6. I read you blog not only because I love your writing style, but because you are so wise. Will I be wise like you once I'm a mommy?

  7. i've never heard the best when they are stale i'll have to try them!

  8. Yes, I love Peeps stale, too! Thought I was the only one. :)


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