Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bubby's funnies.

Funny #1

When I had The Smush, Dill bought Bubby a puzzle -- a map of the 50 states. I thought she'd never be able to complete it; alas, she had it all figured out in a matter of days. Even the states' names. For the most part.

A few days after Smush was born, we were sitting in Bubby's room, watching her put it together. We applauded as she picked up various states, named them, and placed them in their correct locations. Suddenly, she stopped and looked at the remaining pieces.

"Where's Apple Jesus?" she asked.

Silence. Dill and I looked at each other incredulously, like, What the heck did our kid just say?

"Where's Apple Jesus?" she demanded again. Then, she picked up a tiny piece --a conglomeration of a few East Coast states -- and said, "Oh, there it is! Apple Jesus!"

Imagine how hysterically we laughed when we realized she'd meant Massachusetts.

She must have been embarrassed because she hasn't called it that since.

Funny #2

At my parents' house, Bubs usually sits in a high chair for meals. Yesterday, after we had dinner there, she realized she couldn't unbuckle the restraint on the seat. She tried for a little while and finally gave up. Then, she matter-of-factly said, "She's very stuck. She needs a Mousketool to help her get out!"

And that, my friends, is how you know your kid watches too much Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.


  1. Audrey is brilliant. I had a hard time memorizing the 50 states in second grade! Smart kid!

  2. Lol! You should let the people of Massachusetts know their new state name :)

  3. Audrey is genius! I don't think even I can name all of the states, much less place them where they go. :\

  4. Ahh, good old Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. That is the only way I shower in my house...

  5. there is never too much mickey mouse clubhouse :)


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