Thursday, May 20, 2010

I can't think of anything specific I'd like to discuss today, so I am just going to write down some random thoughts.

My baby Smush is eight weeks old today. He also has two teeth. TEETH. Coming right up on the bottom.

I noticed he was a wee bit crankier than usual and drooling a lot. Then, he started to bite me while he ate. Uh, not OK, Baby Guy.

My mom, who is a genius, suggested I check for teeth. I thought she was crazy, but lo and behold. Teeth.

She wasn't the least bit surprised. "Your brother had eight teeth by the time he was three months old," she said.

In other news, I gave Bubby a not-so-flattering haircut yesterday. It was getting kind of long and mullet-ish, so I decided she was due for a trim. Well, one wiggly 2-year-old and 20 minutes later, she had received a little more than a trim. Oh well. I'm not posting pictures, either. You'll just have to imagine what she looks like. I'd compare her cut to those twins of Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky's from Full House, only without bangs. Thank goodness I had the sense not to mess with those. Because we all know what happens when Jenna tries to trim bangs ... this was last summer. I blame the morning sickness.

Exhibit A:

Yup, I gave my kid a Spock 'do.

Oh, and finally: best news for last. Smush slept from 10:30 to 5:30 last night! He did it earlier in the week, too, so I am thinking it will soon become the norm around here. Can I just say HALLELUJIAH!?!?


  1. At least she's at that age where if people look at her funny because of her hair, you can say that she cut it herself on accident or proudly show off her latest toddler chic do as if it's the norm.

  2. How did you get him to sleep for so long? Matthew is doing this new thing where he wakes up every hour! Its driving me insane. It needs to stop.

  3. Jenna--STOP CUTTING HER HAIR!! :) You're so funny!

  4. I tried cutting Tommy's hair once, NEVER AGAIN! I learned my lesson, the pour kid was practically bald by the time we got it fixed at a real salon.

  5. Yeah, I'm dangerous when it comes to cutting my kids hair.
    I cut my first tooth at 2 months. True story. Hopefully they'll come through quickly so his fussiness will stop.
    That is some good sleeping! Way to pull that off. If you have any pointers I'm open to hearing them as my children had to cry it out at 6 and 8 months respectively up to which point they were still waking 3 times a night. Baby three will be here in July and any advice would be appreciated. :)


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