Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In a funk.

And not a good funk, like that one episode of Glee.

(We got the funk! We got the funk -- oww!)

I don't know what's wrong with me. Maybe it's that I'm a mother to a defiant 2-year-old and an infant that likes to eat every 2 hours. Maybe it's this scorching heat which makes it difficult to even visualize stepping outside, let alone actually doing it.

Maybe it's the hormones (can we always blame things on the hormones?).

But I'm seriously feelin' down and I don't know why.

And that's why I haven't blogged in a while.

In fact, right this second my kid is crying to eat for the ... um ... (let me count, hold on) ... 6th time today. And it's only 4 pm.

So ... goodbye.


  1. We all have those days :P. (Hugs)!

  2. I remember those funks. That's a bluesy funk. Now I have the angry funks. I hope you can find a cool spot to prop up your feet for a bit.

  3. I was in a funk from about January to May. It sucked big time. I really hope you start to feel better soon. Sometimes this mom thing is tough, but we just have to remember it's worth it, right? Go eat some ice cream :)

  4. One can suffer from postpartum depression several months after having a baby... I would maybe talk to your doctor if you feel that it isn't going away/ has lasted more than a few days.
    It is no fun (I had it after Amelia). And I'm sure that having to deal with a 2 year old and a infant is draining (I may or may not know this from personal experience) ;0) but there is a chance it could be more than that.
    I hope you start to feel better soon!

  5. Absolutely, hormones should always be to blame ;) I'm sorry you're going through a rough patch, I hear going through that transition (from 1 to 2) is always hard. I can't imagine being stuck inside because of the heat on top of it all... remember though, this too shall pass. You are beautiful and lovely and such a great momma, don't forget that! Love you Jenna!

  6. Did you know that the song "Give Up the Funk" is also called "Tear the Roof Off the Sucker"? I think this is metaphoric... maybe? I can't imagine the heat and the craziness you must be experiencing. You're amazing. You can do it! (Insert other positive self-affirmations and self-love here.) Especially when you are such a cute mom with a rockstar hair cut. :)

  7. Another PPD survivor here!

    Not to say that's what's going on w/you for certain...just a thought.

    I only know you thru your blog. I think you're pretty close to perfect! So is it wrong for me to see you as a little more 'normal' for my own sanity? ;)

    Hope you feel happy & giddy asap!

    And I hope you'll try and blog more, either way.

  8. I think you and I are living the same life. Nursing hasn't come easy this past week. He wants to nurse constantly and my nipples are killing me. It's all overwhelming and I think it's normal to feel sad. You'll get through it and it'll get easier. Feel better.

  9. Maybe a night away is needed. Are there any loving relatives that want to take the reigns for one night? A little bit of formula never hurt anyone, especially if it makes a mommy happy.

  10. I'm currently on meds for PPD. I was diagnosed 8mo after Hannah was born. Wish it had been earlier. I missed myself.


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