Monday, July 12, 2010

Nursing in public: "In poor taste"?

This has been out for a week or so, but I finally got a chance to listen to it today and my blood is just boiling.

Follow this link and fast-forward to 6 minutes. This is where Lisa, the host of this radio show, begins to run her mouth about nursing in public. She and her daughter went to a restaurant and her daughter pointed out a woman who was nursing a baby in a booth nearby. She does note that the woman's breast was NOT exposed in any way.

If you're a busy mom like myself and don't have time to listen to it, let me share my favorite parts. Yes, I used my ex-reporter skillz and actually took these soundbites verbatim. That's how much I love you all!

"Could she not have done this in the car ... while they were driving there?" (oh yeah, let's unbuckle the kid while the vehicle is in motion ... why didn't I think of that?!)

"It was just in such poor taste!"

"It just made me lose my appetite."

"There should be laws against breastfeeding in public."

"Listen, let her go to the ladies' room!"

"I find (nursing in public) to be disgusting. I just don't see a reason for it."

"Why is this not indecent exposure?"

Her co-host asks if nursing mothers should be forced to stay at home and not go out until the child is weaned. Her response:

"Yes, I think you should be discreet and stay at home! Or pump and bring the bottle with you."

Lisa then suggests that nursing mothers go into the bathroom to nurse:

Caller: "There's nowhere to sit to do it (in a public restroom). Should I sit on the floor? On the toilet?"

Lisa: "Yeah!"

"Even when you're not nursing and you have to prepare ... you know, you prepare your formula, and the bottles, whatever you need to take along with you ... I mean, that's just good preparation." (You know, because having the milk ALREADY IN YOUR BODY and warmed to the correct temperature isn't good enough preparation as it is. Sheesh!)

"It's probably the wisest choice as a parent that you can make, but I just don't want to see it in public."

"It's just bad manners to hike your blouse up and have a baby's head underneath, even if you're not exposing yourself."

Ok, I'll let you have a moment to take some deep breaths and pick your jaw up off the ground.


Welcome back!

Now, let's discuss.

First of all, I could not believe this woman had the gall to insinuate that the nursing mother was being indecent. Had you tuned in late, you might have thought she'd jumped up on the table, ripped her shirt off and started pole dancing. She was feeding her baby. And from the sound of it, she was doing it rather discreetly. So, what was the big issue?

Second, did you notice the disgusted, self-righteous tone of Lisa's voice? It actually hurt my feelings to hear her talk about what I find to be a sacred and beautiful experience in such a callous, heartless way. She did mention she never nursed any of her children. Perhaps she regrets that decision and has taken to belittling those who do breastfeed to make herself feel better.

Third ... who do people think they are, suggesting others nurse in a restroom? For starters, bathrooms are for excreting bodily waste. So they smell awful. And they're usually dirty. And I've never once seen a bathroom with a chair in it, so where are we nursing moms supposed to sit? Oh yeah, Lisa suggested the floor or the toilet. How thoughtful.

You know what, Lisa? Your smug attitude makes me want to lose my appetite. How about you take your chicken sandwich and waffle fries into the restroom and eat your meal on the toilet? Because really, your attitude is "just in such ... poor ... taste." And I find it indecent and disgusting.

Or maybe you should have just stayed home in the first place.

EDIT: One reader commented that she followed the link, but couldn't hear the audio. I went to the link to investigate and it appears it has been removed. The original air date was 7/6, so I am guessing they only remain up for a week. Either that, or 106.3 FM in South Carolina is feeling remorse for Lisa's comments.


  1. That is so ignorant of her! I mean, these women are feeding their baby not sexually exploiting themselves for all to see.

    How infuriating!

  2. I couldn't agree more with you Jenna!
    I listened to some of that show last week and could not believe what I heard come out of that woman's mouth. What a closed minded hag!

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  4. OH MY. My blood is also boiling. I have never heard someone say stuff like that about NIP! And I nurse my babies for 18mo--am I supposed to stay home for that long until they are weaned? Sheesh.

  5. That is RIDICULOUS! How about someone suggest to her that she have HER child eat on the toilet?!?! Oooh, that just rubs me the wrong way... some people just love to show off their ignorance.

  6. People like Lisa make me feel uncomfortable feeding Alex in pubic. Same thing when Evan was nursing.I try and avoid it when I can but I do it but I can't wonder if the stares I'm getting are from people like her. I shouldn't be thinking that because it's human nature to feed your child. It's our Heavenly Father's gift to us to do so and our kids have every right to eat whenever they need/want too.

  7. It is legal to breast feed in 48 states. Idaho you are not legally backed up, and I can't remember the other state. But all other 48 states, you could whip it out, not being discrete and sue an establishment if they ask you to leave.

    I breast feed in public and if there is ever anyone who has a problem with it, that's there problem.

    How rude of her to assume that we don't have rights as nursing mothers. I have no problem seeing other mother's breast feed in public. And if I see it its not like I'm going to watch it like its some kind of act. How childish of her to assume the roll of spectator, when there is nothing to see- a baby is eating.

  8. Amen to every word of this post, jenna! (every one of YOUR words that is). I nurse everywhere. Except on toilets.

  9. I tried clicking on that link to listen, but nothing happened... is there something else I need to click on?

  10. It's good to see that ignorance is alive and well :P.

  11. I can't believe it was another women and mom saying this! I could see it coming from a man. Good thing there are laws to allow women to do something completely natural and life saving.

  12. I think we should all add LISA on facebook and post on her wall how we REALLY Feel, then maybe next time she will think before she talks. Its also shown that breastfeeding can reduce obesity.... possibly she herself was not breastfeed, maybe that’s why she is so bitter :)
    Or better yet, I think we should all send her a special email:
    SO girls, lets do something about this! She had her opinion, lets give her ours!!!!!

  13. There are a RARE few instances when a mother should not breastfeed in public: for example, if the baby is screaming like crazy, or is a very poor nurser and requires insane amounts of attention, ie, mom continually sticking her head under the blanket to help etc.

    Other than that, THIS LISA WOMAN IS CRAZY! It's inspired me to possibly try setting a pillow on my lap and throwing a blanket over my shoulder the next time I go to a restaurant and see if anyone says anything...

    (Now I have to go do some breathing exercises to calm down)

  14. This makes me so sad. Yes I think that it is inappropriate for a woman to sit out in public and EXPOSE her breast. But if you can't see her skin, or she is using a blanket or cover up then what is the big deal? Why does it matter? Nursing is such a special thing and is so good for your baby it is sad that she is so mean about it. I am sure she just feels bad because she never nursed any of hers so she makes a big deal about it so no one else can have it either. Wow.

  15. What a great post, my friend! Because my ladies are so small, there's hardly anything to show when I nursed. What about those scantily clad women showing too much cleavage? Isn't that in bad taste and manners. And I don't show anything! Some people. But I'm still not super brave to nurse when people are around even with a nursing cover. Maybe I should get over that. That's what Lisa is doing to me.

    Alicia- from church

  16. Baby is stirring so I won't get to say all I want to say but amen to what you've said!! I have TOTALLY different vews on this now. I never thought it was "in bad taste" before but I thought I'd be shy nursing around people... NOT! I do cove with a blanket or whatever but half the time I have a nursing tank and you don't see ANY skin when I'm feeding her so I'll just do it wherever. I surprised myself, really! And I REALLY think it takes having a baby and nursing to understand how this is. I know I myself didn't fully understand it before.

  17. All i can say is "WOW!" Makes me wonder where any of us came from...ya know...since only in recent history the bottle was invented. Geez, how did any of us get fed? Oh yeah, right, i remember...our mothers with lactating bosoms!!! Its only like its been done that way for thousands of years. ignorance is NOT always Bliss.--- I really enjoy reading your posts. i'll be bacck for sure :o)


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