Monday, October 11, 2010

On my Christmas list.

I try not to be too demanding about stuff, but I really, really, really want this dining set.

Ooh la la.

I am obsessed with all things antique aqua.

By the way, today is my Bubby's 3rd birthday. Can you believe it? I threw her and her little-bitty friends a super-fun pink cupcake party on Friday and I have loads of pictures to show you.

But, the Smush is crying (as always happens when I am about to sit down and blog) so off I go.

Put in a good word with the Man in the Red Suit, mmkay?


  1. Oooooh, that is beautiful! Hope Santa gets it to you this year! You better be extra good! ;)

    Happy 3rd B-Day Bubby! Can't wait to see the pics, I'm sure she was as adorable as ever!

  2. I love that table! I think you could find a groovy old table to paint. Get on it sister!

    (my word verification is "sanity", those magical elves at word verification don't know me very well)

  3. Hi- I read your post on CJane's blog and really liked what you had to say.

    I know you and I haven't seen eye to eye in the past, but I respect what you had to say!

    And yes, that dining set is fabulous!

  4. It always seems like whenever I get around to taking a nap, Jack decides to start fussing.

    By the way, the dining set is gorgeous!

  5. it's really pretty.

    maybe i'll keep an eye out for a set like that you could paint while i'm on my thrifting adventures ;)


I like feedback almost as much as I like food.