Thursday, December 30, 2010

The best is yet to be.

Wedding, December 2005

1st anniversary, December 2006

Mt. Timpanogos temple, August 2007

March 2009

August 2010

So glad I get to grow old with this guy. Happy 5th anniversary, Babe. I love you.

Now, let's go on a cruise!


  1. Happy Anniversary Sweetie!! I remember "meeting" you on BBC back when you were pregnant with your Bubby. You had your wedding picture up and I thought you were the most adorable couple I had ever seen. I started following you soon after. I know you and your sweetheart will have many more wonderful aniversaries together and one day you will get on a cruise. Hope you have a wonderful day and do something really fun to celebrate!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! :) Love the picture post. You guys are perfect together!

  3. Congrats, you guys! Have a great one!! (Just know that next week we'll be doubling you!!) :)

  4. Happy anniversary! I have only "known" you with short hair, crazy how different you look with long hair. You totally rock short hair

  5. A cruise? Craig would be jealous! Happy 5th Anniversary!!!!


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