Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Evolution of my hair.

So, I'm growing my hair out. (GASP!) I know, shocking. Or, at least, I'm trying to grow my hair out. Yes, I still adore my short hair. I'm not even sure if I'm going to keep this up or just hack it off all over again. But for now, I'm growing my hair out.

And oh, what an enormous pain in the butt that process is.

I used to have really long hair. I was kind of notorious for it in high school. Jenna, the one with insanely long, thick, blond hair. Behold, my senior picture:


I know, right? So pretty. But so difficult to style. See, I have naturally wavy hair (like this):

Yep, it's real.

So about half-way through my pregnancy with Bubby, I got sick of fixing it. I got sick of ponytails. And therefore, I had it cut.

June 2007

And then, after Bubby came, I had it cut again AND had the stylist add some highlights. First time I'd ever had it colored. I lost my hair virginity. It was so weird to see myself as a light blond again. I felt like my 13-year-old self.

November 2007

About five months later, I decided I wanted to be a weather anchor for the BYU Daily News. I had it chopped into a nice, camera-friendly A-line cut and kept the highlights.

April 2008

That was a stinking cute haircut, but my goodness, 'twas a pain to fix.

After that, I kind of just let it grow. It quickly became formless and I began resorting to elastic bands again. I felt pretty frumpy. I read that no-poo would make it more manageable, so I tried it:

May 2009

But it kind of made my hair worse.

By this point, I was entirely ready for something new. Something drastic. I had just graduated from college. I'd long since returned to my pre-baby shape. I felt confident and fresh. I'd always wanted to do it but hadn't had the guts. Now, things were different. I was a grown-up; I was ready. So:

June 2009, the day I became Tinker Bell.

I got a pixie cut and more highlights. It felt crazy, fun and awesome all at once. I felt a little dangerous. I'd lived my whole life with long-ish hair and never dreamed I'd have the gumption to cut it this short. Once I took the plunge, I truly felt liberated.

I kept up the pixie cut for a year, even through my second pregnancy.

November 2009, pregnant with Smush

And then, after the baby came, I got crazy. Too crazy. I decided I wanted a faux-hawk.

June 2010

At first, I loved it. It was funky and cool. But I quickly started to get sick of it. And I felt like it wasn't quite me. It was too dangerous. I felt uncomfortable with myself. So, I let the top grow back out.

And that's where we are now:

January 2011

So, what's next? I've toyed with the idea of going PLATINUM BLONDE but keeping it pixie-length:

Growing it out to a short A-line bob:

Or, letting it grow and grow until I achieve this:

Which we all know is entirely impossible with two children.

One thing's for sure: I'm keeping bangs. People with fiveheads like mine need them.

What do you think?


  1. While the little ones are, well, little, I love the pixie cut but platinum. I think you will rock that cut!

  2. I love the pixie, you know why! You could totally pull of platinum blonde!

  3. You can pull of ANY haircut and it makes me sick!!! I love the A-line cut the most on you. Pixie is cute, but so is change. As for the fivehead, I can relate and I don't care what anyone else thinks. I hate dealing with bangs so no bangs for me! Sometimes I sport the whooshy bangs for a while, but I quickly grow tired of them and growing them back out is even worse so I'll stick with no bangs for now.

  4. Ok, so my hair is like yours in the second picture. How in the WORLD did you get it to look like that in your senior pic? Oh what I wouldn't give to have curls like that. I wish I either had naturally straight or naturally curly hair. This wavy junk is just that--junk.

  5. Actually I really like your anniversary picture. It's probably what you have right now, but I think it's super cute!

  6. You're damn cute and I guess that's all there is to say! I was the long haired girl, too, and chopped it off- then never looked back. I love having short hair, and I'm curly, so it makes sense. Either way, long or short, it looks cute!

  7. If you wanna know big forhead you should see mine! I've always hated it and it's been my biggest struggle through adolesence to now. I can't rock the no bangs thing or the bangs thing. Im stuck! But you look so FAB with an A-line or pixie!!!

  8. i seriously love your short hair - both the pixie and the faux-hawk. growing hair out is such a pain. i keep wanting to chop mine all off again.

  9. You really do pull off short hair super well. I think I would look worse with short hair as I wouldn't do anything with it, just like now and it would look awful

  10. do it platinum! im always for change!!! that's why i just dyed my hair red and i love it! for now anyways :] and it is totally possible to have hair like Carrie Underwood with kids! i have almost the same hairstyle as her minus the bangs and i have 3! :-D you can do anything! these days i round brush my hair to stay warm! LOL

  11. I love your hair!

    I am voting platinum, regardless of the cut you choose.

    I have lame hair. I think so.

    It's very curly naturally. I'm currently trying to grow it out (meaning pony tails 6/7 days) and so the top is heavy/longer pieces, turning that half into wavy,while the bottom half is still spiral!

    The hair drama is endless! :)

  12. I love it short, not many people can pull that off, but you look beautiful with the pixie cut!

  13. As you're already aware, I've been growing my hair out for the past 2 years. I made a goal to grow it out until it reaches my waist and during those 2 years there had been times I was tempted to cut it short (which was shoulder-length for me, with bangs). Because it takes one year for hair to grow 6 inches, you'll have to be determined to ignore your hair. At least that's what I had to do. I tried not to fuss with it too much because the more I did, the more I wanted to go short again because it seemed easier to maintain. But now, I love how long my hair is! Starting at my shoulders, it measures one foot down my back. During winter it keeps my neck and ears warm and during summer I keep it up in a ponytail when I'm at home. Plus, once it's long enough, and you want to go short again, you can donate your cut hair to Locks of Love. :)

  14. I vote to grow it out. Long hair is just so pretty! Your hair always looks good, but wow! Your hair in your senior picture is gorgeous! Definitely more work, but by the time it's that long, perhaps you'll have more time for it? :)

  15. As someone with short hair as well, I've figured something out: If you can pull off short hair, DO IT! A lot of people can't. It's chic and bold and sassy.

    I think you look great with short hair and love the idea of going platinum.


  16. Short hair is sassy, & sexy! You were blessed with a face shape that lets you pull anything off. I vote short.


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