Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Suffering from boredom?

This game will surely cure it.

Just search "Robot Unicorn Attack" on Facebook. And if you don't have Facebook ... how do you survive?

I'm only halfway kidding.

Anyway, it's a fairly simple Flash game that only has two controls -- Z for jumping, X for "rainbow attack." The goal: Don't fall into holes, don't crash into walls. It's addicting. And it has an awesome soundtrack. But don't just take my word for it.

Just so you know, my record is 43,622 points. Dill: 41,080. And he cannot beat me, and it is KILLING him. Muahaha.


  1. You signed up for a Google account just to say that, didntcha? Well, I just have two words for you, sweetheart: nap time. During the which I shall kick your unicorn trash tomorrow.

  2. i was trying to think of what do whilst da hubz was working all night! problem solved.
    ps- there may or may not be an award granted unto thee on muh blog. *fancy bow*


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