Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wheat Bread Contest WINNER!

Well, folks, I completed seven batches of bread since I announced the bread recipe contest late last month. SEVEN. It was a rather enlightening experience, let me tell you. I learned that making bread is not really hard at all. Yeast is not scary (but it is weird). White flour and wheat flour are pretty much interchangeable. Husbands make good wheat grinders. And Arizona is the best place to make bread ever because the dough can rise outside year-round.*

*except for during that cold spell last week, in which the high was around 45 degrees.

Anyway, I don't think I can consider myself an expert or Bread Master or even a Bread Sensei just yet, but maybe Bread Pro? Or Bread Ninja? I managed seven different recipes without screwing any of them up, so that has to be good for something, right?

All of the recipes you sent me were excellent. I honestly thought every one was good! None were too difficult, either. My family has been in hog heaven, eating their PB & J's on homemade bread for the past four weeks. And my house has smelled like heaven. Well, at least I hope heaven smells like fresh bread.

Of all the fantastic bread recipes I received, two really stood out to me. The runner-up is Elizabeth, whose recipe I made first. It uses instant yeast so the dough doesn't have to rise more than once. The bread is completely done in about 90 minutes -- so nice if you're in a hurry! I brought her recipe to my parents' family dinner and the whole loaf was inhaled in about 20 minutes. I would consider it the Best Beginner's Recipe. If you've never made bread before, this is a great one to start with.

The winner is ...

Heidi's recipe (which can be found here)! Congratulations, Heidi!

I liked a lot of things about this recipe. First and foremost, it has an amazing flavor. The recipe uses molasses and honey, which gives it a special little kick. Second, it stays soft and moist (sorry, "moist" haters) for days and days. It's dense enough to slice thinly for sandwiches, but not too dense. Plus, the recipe makes a small amount of dough -- two loaves -- perfect if you don't have a mixer or you only have a smaller Kitchenaid, like me.

Thank you everyone for your submissions. I have loved trying the different recipes; it's been a fun experiment! I hope the rest of you bread noobs will now have the courage to try making your own bread, too. It's so yummy and good for you. Though, be careful -- your family will be totally spoiled!


  1. You linked to Liz's recipe - is that what you meant to do?

  2. Now I'm thinking I need to make it and take a better picture - that was in the early days of my DSLR ;0). Glad you like it!!

  3. Heidi makes the best bread ever. Sometimes that's the only reason I go to her sewing days. Kidding! (mostly...)

  4. LOL, Char! I'll be sure to bake a bunch this time :).


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