Monday, March 21, 2011

I see a bad moon a-risin'.

Did everyone get to see the HUUUUGE super-moon this weekend? It looked much like a giant yellow light bulb in the sky, guiding us home from my parent's house after the amazing BYU vs. Gonzaga game (in which the Cougars crushed the Zags).

Here's what you missed if you happened to be on another planet Saturday night:

Diana Carver

In other news, I wore my Granny's amazing kick-butt late 1960's maxi dress to church yesterday. I figured it would be the last day cool enough since summer will probably start next week.

See my bridal face in the background? P.S. I took this by myself using the timer.

Sorry if "outfit pictures" bother you (apparently, they make some people want to jump off bridges, stab their eyes out and/or cry). This one came as a request from Mandyface. So there. Plus, how can you not love some seriously amazing vintage fashion?


  1. I don't know how but I missed the giant moon!

    I LOVE that dress, it looks wonderful on you!

  2. Yes, the moon was incredible! The dress is fun, I love wardrobe photos!

  3. Love the dress. Purple makes me look like I'm ill, which is unfortunate.

    Also, your hair and my hair are practically twins. I'm growing it out and right now it's looking much like a bob but it's threatening to turn into a mullet without much more supervision. I hope I can actually grow this past my shoulders without doing what I usually do--throw in the towel and chop it all off AGAIN.

  4. Elise, just get the back trimmed shorter as if an A-line bob. Then it won't go mullet on you when you least expect it.

  5. The moon here was very bright but not big at all... so sad. Anyway, I LOVE the dress. It looks amazing on you. I would look like a melting popsicle - but you look classic.

  6. Great pics of the moon! Plus, that dress is not only fantastic, but it looks fantastic on you! Love vintage dresses!

  7. Thumping Thestrals that is an AMAZING moon picture on the top. It makes me so homesick too.

    I love the dress. Nice job pulling it off!

  8. that dress is rad. so glad you wore it. but how did i miss it in person?!


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