Friday, April 1, 2011

The day we all get punk'd. Over and over again.

Do you like April Fool's Day? I have mixed feelings about it. I support cute, non-toxic food tricks (as long as you give the person the "real" food after the revelation), rearranging furniture and harmless pranks (like how I changed Dill's Facebook picture to one of Kobe Bryant, his most despised basketball player). But I don't like when there's even a possibility of physical injury and some jokes are taken way too far. I remember in 5th grade, some girls put white deodorant inside Oreos, put them back together and gave them to some boys. NOT COOL.

(though I admit, the look on their faces was priceless.)

And another thing: this new trend of starting in on the pranks a day or two early. Doesn't count, people!

April Fool's 2008 came about six months after I had Bubby. Naturally, I sent out a picture of a positive pregnancy test to close family members. The joke was awesome -- gave Dill's mom a heart attack until she realized the day. But my poor mom, she didn't get the e-mail until the next day. So she called me up while I was in the middle of producing a newscast, freaking out. I felt pretty bad.

I'm not really a fan of April Fool's jokes taking place on a day other than April Fool's.

Anyway, I do love having a little mealtime whimsy! I wish I had seen those cute cupcakes a little earlier. Check out how realistic they are!

courtesy of Our Best Bites

Follow the link to see how it's done! You won't believe it.

So, what pranks have you played today? Have you been doing the fooling, or are you amongst the fooled?

Also, here's what I'll be doing all weekend, along with a family Sunday brunch and girls' night out with my sisters-in-law and mother-in-law on Saturday.

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  1. Nick and I had been married 10 months when our first April Fools came around. Naturally I sent the CUTEST baby announcements to my family as a prank, but they didn't get them on April Fools day, it was a day or two after. To top it off, by the time I talked to my mom she had already called all of her family to tell them the news. I felt super dumb! But at the same time it wasn't really her news to share with the family! :)


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