Thursday, April 7, 2011

Today is a special day.

Can you guess why? I'll give you some hints.

(happens to be one of my favorite shows ever)

(The Mom Store is open 24/7. That's true.)

(Dill's least favorite person {most favorite on April Fool's Day})

Still can't guess it? Well, I'm queen for the day ...

If only ...

That's right, it's my 24th birthday! Yippee!

I was thinking the other night how cool this birthday is, because 4 (April) plus 7 (the date) equals 11 (the year). I told Dill and he thought that was incredibly nerdy of me.

Ah, well.

Eat something sweet in my honor!

As for me, I'll be celebrating here (breakfast) and here (dinner).


  1. Happy birthday! I hope Dillon treats you well. :)

  2. i hope your birthday was wonderful! i always add up the numbers in dates and times... so i'm equally excited for how cool that was. happy 24th!

  3. i don't think that's nerdy :) both of my kids have those kind of birthdays (2/5/07 and 2/11/09). glad you had a fun day!


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