Friday, June 24, 2011

Some pictures to lighten the mood.

Whew, is it warm in here? I was a little (OK, a lot) worried about posting that last entry. But it had been weighing on my conscience for quite a while and I felt like I needed to put my voice out there. I know, not everyone is going to agree with me and that's OK. But how can I live with myself if I don't stand up for what I know in my heart to be right?

Back to the funny, light-hearted mommy blog. For now. (This doesn't mean I'm not going to get all bleeding heart on you in the future, though!)

First item of business: You can like me on Facebook now! I know, the day you were all waiting for has arrived. I have a confession: I was actually quite nervous to set this up -- does it look ultra-pretentious to have a Page on Facebook? It basically means I think you should all quite literally LIKE me, right? And I'm hoping you do, since you're obviously reading this, but just because you're reading this doesn't necessarily mean you DO like me, you might just be searching for stuff about pixie cuts and getting kites stuck in trees ...

I'm probably overthinking things.

Anyway, like me or don't. Whatevs. Just sayin'.

Also, see that new widget over there on my sidebar? --> It says, "I tweet." And underneath that self-explanatory heading are my latest tweets. Yes, folks, I am on Twitter. I am a twit. And I have been since January 2009. It ain't no thang. So follow me if you want. Be forewarned I rarely have anything witty to say; I save the good stuff for here. But I do like to reply to people and retweet Joel McHale. Now, THERE's a twit worth following. The jury's still out on Justin Bieber.

Finally, as promised, some pictures. Kind of random, but random's what we do best.

Remember those chair pictures  I used to take? The other day, I was on the computer and Bubby came running in, saying "Smush climbed up on the chair all by himself! You gotta take a picture, Mom!" So I did. And it turned out pretty darned cute if I do say so myself. He's such a ham.

Bubby's on a Yo Gabba Gabba! kick lately. It's a weird show, let me tell you. But it kind of grows on you. Give it a chance. I like the 8-bit music and the Nintendo-esque video game sequences. Actually, I was thinking about it and it's pretty much a kids' hipster show. The kids on it even have super-cool hipster names, like Juliet and Garrison. True statement.

Anyway, there's one part of the show where they do all these funny faces. So Bubby has naturally taken to making them every time I pull out the camera. Kewl. There's the photographic evidence.

This is a new self-portrait. See how my eyes are all shiny? No, they're not naturally that sparkly; I used The Pioneer Woman's "Bring on the Eyes" Photoshop action (it's free; go download it!). Nifty. Also, I think I need to lighten my hair. Thoughts?


  1. Ah photoshop- gotta love it :). And yes all very cute pictures. I can't believe how big your baby is now.

  2. Smush is totally a little not carbon copy of Bubbu, who is a little carbon copy of you! They are both so cute and getting so big!

  3. Question for you since you are now a hipster expert :) Is "hipster" the new "emo?" Or are they different?

  4. First... having a blog page on FB is not ultra-pretentious, just pretentious. Second... I love JMcH and Community! Third... I can't believe how quickly my great-niece and great-nephew are growing on my computer monitor! Guess I need to to show up to more family shindigs.

  5. @Kara, basically yes. But more mature. Does that make sense? Kids aren't really hipsters; it's more a college thing.

  6. yo gabba gabba is awesome.

    your kids are darling.

    and i like your hair that color!

  7. do NOT lighten! Its beautiful as is. :D


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