Friday, June 17, 2011

We we we we so excited.

It's Fridayee, it's Fridayee! Gotta get down, peeps!

Did you hear poor Rebecca Black's "Friday" video has been yanked from YouTube? Apparently there's some kind of dispute going on with the video producers. Sad day.

But wait! I found it here. So if you still haven't seen it, I just bought you some time to jump on that bandwagon with the rest of us poserzzzz.

(Also, pretty sure the "Friday" video is the archenemy of the hipster movement.)

To make your weekend extra special, here are some swell pictures Dill's amazing cousin Michele took of us in D.C. We are for sure the hottest couple ever. Everyone wants to be us.

At the rooftop dinner

At the end of James Madison's garden path

Happy Friday! Oh, and be sure to check out my friend Mandy's cool giveaway. Two words: sequined heart.


  1. You guys are a good looking bunch. I love all the green in the last one! Pretty!

  2. Thanks for the shout out!!! Friday will continue to live on in all our hearts! Hahaha! Cute pics! A rooftop dinner sounds amazing!

  3. So cute. such a cute family and love the name of the blog! Just started my own and love seeing what other people make their own. I just had a great friend move to AZ. It is so much warmer there than here we just had a ton of snow in utah I want it to be warm ready for spring! Glad you are loving being a mom do you still do anything with the journalism besides the blog. You can tell you have some sort of background in it. sorry this is so long :)


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