Monday, June 20, 2011

Why the furry face?

If you read my Fathers' Day post from Saturday, you know that I am now married to the Bearded Wonder.

Also, if you've known Dill for any amount of time, you know he's a clean-cut, never-had-long-hair conservative type of guy. Not a rebel or hipster in the least. And definitely not a lumberjack. So, it might be a little awkward if you encounter him in public and see his untamed face for the first time. You might think he's gone crazy, or apostate (since Mormons tend to shun facial hair), or maybe a combination of the two. And since I don't want people going around thinking I allowed a rebellious-psycho-hipster-Al Borland-wannabe to father my children, I will go ahead and explain.

It all began a few months ago. At church, someone announced over the pulpit that our Church was going to make a new film about the life of Jesus Christ and they needed extras. They said if you have "Jewish/Roman/Arab" features, you should go to a particular Web site and apply. The filming would take place in Utah Valley and extras would be paid $100 a day. I thought this sounded like a very exciting adventure and was so bummed that my features are exactly opposite to what they're looking for. But Dill definitely has the whole Jewish/Roman thing going on with his dark hair, super-thick brows and ... prominent nose (sorry, Dill, but it is. No two ways around it). So, I lovingly encouraged him to apply (read: forced him to take headshots and filled out the application for him).

A few weeks later, Dill received an e-mail back saying he would have to go to a local improv club and perform a live audition. Again, if you know Dill at all, you know he doesn't really do theatrics. At all. Or any performing art, really. I, on the other hand, have taken a few dance/drama/anchoring classes and am basically a really good faker, so I helped him learn the script. It was hilarious. I mean, try teaching several very difficult old English lines to someone who hasn't acted a day in their life (wait, I guess he did have a line in his 6th grade production of Johnny Appleseed ... can't dismiss those credentials!). It's a good laugh, let me tell you.

The next day, Dill went to the improv club for his audition. He explained he didn't want a lead role, just to be an extra. They said no biggie; everyone has to audition. It'd be a fairly painless reading in front of a camera and he could go on his merry way. So he did his thing and we waited to hear back.

Within a few months, Dill was informed he'd made the first cut to be an extra in the film! Yaaaay! But he was required to start growing out his beard and hair "in earnest" immediately. Of course, we saw this coming. No surprise. Guys had beards in the Bible, and the movie has to be authentic. So, he waited until after David and Rachel's wedding and then the growing commenced.

That was just about a month ago. Here he is today:

I must say, my hubby looks HOT in a beard. He wears it quite well, don't you think?

He hasn't officially been cast for the film yet -- he is still waiting to be given a schedule and all that jazz. But so far, it's looking good! And if they don't cast him (which would be a shame, with Johnny Appleseed on his resume), at least he got to see first-hand what it's like to be a hipster.

Maybe I should have Dill write a guest post about what it's like to have a full-on beard. What say ye? Ask him your specific questions about beardedness in the comments and we'll see if he's at least willing to be interviewed.


  1. Very cool about the movie bit. :) Dan has a beard most of the time, until I bug him to shave it. Ha ha.. not sure why a beard means hipster though? My dad has always had a beard as well.

  2. Haha, that is awesome! He does look cute with his beard! I wish we lived down there cuz my husband is quite the hairy dark man! Hahahah. Plus he can grow his beard in no time!

  3. Brian can grow a beard like Dillon’s in 5 days. I kid you not. I hope Dillon’s beard isn’t as "prickly" as Brian’s can be. Brian knows that the bigger his beard becomes, the fewer kisses he will receive.

    Tell Dillon that Brian and I wish him good luck! :)

  4. I LOLed at your Al Borland reference... I hope your hubby gets the gig!

  5. I have to laugh at you helping him rehearse. I totally remember the 6th grade Johnny Appleseed play, and Dillon's audition/role. When you brought up the script part, that was the first thing that came to mind- 11 year old Dillon standing on the elementary school stage. Good times! Tell him good luck! He'd make a great extra and it would be so cool to see him in the new film.

  6. I do not recall hearing such an announcement in church, where was I?! I could have sent my husband (who is actually Jewish) to audition, although there's absolutely no way he ever would:)

  7. I love beards! My hubby's had one since the day he left BYU... except when he worked in the temple in LA he had to shave once a month.

    The best thing is when we were engaged (he had long hair AND a beard) we were doing baptisms in the Vegas temple. He asked if he could do the baptizing, and they told him he had to have the melchizidek priesthood. He said he did, and they were like "oh you have to be endowed too." it was pretty funny. Perhaps beards do make you look apostate. ;)


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