Friday, July 8, 2011

"Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?"

(Oh how I love that movie, in an almost unhealthy way.)

If I were the recipient of such an enthusiastic (and equally hysterical) phone greeting, I'd have to answer, "Purple."

So, I know, I'm totally wearing a V-neck and jeans as I told you I too often do. BUT! The V-neck is tucked in, the jeans are dark wash, and I added a touch of dressy with the gold pointy-toed flats and necklace. I'm not completely sold on this look, but at least I tried something new, right? I'm going boldly where I've never gone before!

One thing I decided NOT to limit myself on for this challenge is accessories. My newest reader Trininista (who has an awesome blog by the way; check it out!) suggested some summer scarves. Brilliant! I have two large gingham print ones that might be cool. We'll see. I might just end up looking like a picnic.

Today is going to be fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! as I take Smush to the doctor for his last round of immunizations until he's 4. Hopefully, he copes well. I hate making my babies endure shots but it's something I feel is right for them.

In other news, ONE WEEK UNTIL HARRY POTTER!!!!! I know, such a geek, right? I've waited, like, half my life for this event. You can get pumped up by watching this hilarious gem. Happy Fridayeee!


  1. I dig the outfit. Way to do something different!

    I wish I had the ability to tuck in my shirts like that. I think it looks so cool but alas, I've still got some love handles.

    You look super cute, like always!

  2. Look at your super cute, teenie tiny figure! JEALOUS!

  3. Very cute! I meant to ask, where did you get your jeans? I noticed you had a dark pair and a lighter pair that was rolled up. I'm searching for some...

  4. i'm loving this outfit choice today! hot mama!!

  5. I forgot hot hilarious those videos were. Thanks for the reminder. :)

  6. Katie- they are from Banana Republic but I found them at Buffalo Exchange for about $14! No kidding. BR fit me the best but I am not willing to pay full price for them so I get them at Buffalo. You've GOT to go there for jeans. It's the only way I'll buy them now.

  7. Can't wait until Harry Potter!! Did you watch the live premiere? When they talked to snape, the crowd started singing the mysterious ticking noise. It was awesome!


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