Friday, July 29, 2011

The shirt that keeps on giving.

Here's Day 18:

Actually, this was really really Day 19, but I forgot to take a picture of the real Day 18 so I guess that means I have to wear it again and take another one.

Look how long my hair is getting! I can actually curl it! And check it out, I put on lipstick for you.

I'm a good trophy wife.

(Pretty sure I've maxed this shirt out, but I LOOOOVE it. Can't help it.)


  1. I love that shirt too. Not going to lie, kind of want to steal it ;)

  2. Too cute! Where did you get that picture above your couch? I'm really loving it!

  3. @Katie -- IKEA! It was cheap too. I wanna say $40-50?

  4. Ridiculously cute, especially with that hairdo and striped shirt.

  5. Nice outfit!

  6. i love stripes. i tend to max out all my striped shirts as well. they're just so good!!


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