Monday, July 25, 2011

What you can do with $25.

Hey, peeps! Did you know I'm giving away a $25 Visa giftcard? I am!

See that column over there? >> It's my sidebar. And at the top is a nifty little link that you can follow which takes you to a funny/silly/weird/choose-your-own-adjective video of me showing you my go-to dance moves. Watch it and laugh/cry/stare incredulously with your mouth wide open. However you choose to react is fine with me.

After you've indulged your senses with that little ditty, become a follower of my blog (if you haven't already). Then, leave a comment on that post and voila! You're entered into the giveaway! If you want additional entries, you can like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter and share about the giveaway in some way (tweet, Facebook, blog, write and direct a musical, whatevs). Just leave an extra comment on the giveaway post for EACH ADDITIONAL ENTRY. This Saturday, July 30th, I'll choose a random winner from the comments on that post, and that lucky winner will get $25 from me to spend however he or she wants! It's that easy.

So, in the spirit of this giveaway, I decided to come up with a list of some ideas of how you can go nuts with $25:

1) Go to P.F. Chang's with your hunny, order some lettuce wraps and an entree (I like the Shanghai Shrimp) to share. Add a decent tip. Cost: roughly $25! (We did this Friday night so I know it's true.)

2) Buy this adorable top!

DownEast Basics: Sea Flower Tee

3) Go to the movies with your hunny or your best gal pal and get a popcorn to share! (If you live under a rock and still haven't seen Harry Potter by next Saturday, that would probably be a good idea.)

4) Get a pedicure! I'm wearing this color now and I HEART it:

Austin-tatious Turquoise by OPI
 5) Buy this really sweet rug ... 
Or approximately 50 of these bad boys!

Teeny stuffed toys from IKEA. Love that place in an unhealthy way.
The possibilities are endless, really!

So, if you haven't entered my giveaway yet, what are you waiting for? Get yourself over there and make a comment already!


  1. The link for the giveaway isn't working for me. Just a heads up, I don't know if it works for others.

  2. Thanks Jess. I just fixed it. I had the http:// thing in there twice. Ugh, I hate how Blogger puts it in automatically for you.

  3. I have that rug! And wish Ikea offered another awesomely designed rug on the cheap. I've got another room that need a rug to love.


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