Thursday, August 25, 2011


My good side. (No really; it's the one without zits.)

There has been some talk about this around the Blogosphere lately and I think I'm gonna chime in.

I love to write. I have always been a good writer and I take pride in that. Even back in elementary school, when asked to write a Christmas story about a present, I wrote a full-blown sonnet. When assigned to write a paragraph about a leprechaun, I wrote a short story complete with characters, development, climax and denouement. In college, that was my favorite part of my broadcasting major -- the stories. I love telling stories and I love making the written word come alive for others. (Video makes that pretty easy, too.)

When I first learned about blogging back in late 2007, I realized it was my "thing." I started a family blog right away and began chronicling our lives. Then, about a year later, I started this blog -- Mom, the Intern. It was originally meant only to update family and friends about my adventures as a news intern, but it quickly became more. And when I finally graduated from college and was an intern no longer, I couldn't let it go. I had a small readership and hey, I love to write, remember? So I kept it up.

And here we are, nearly 2 1/2 years later, still goin' and still growin'. I am flattered and honored that so many of you enjoy my words and look forward to reading them. I love that you all take the time to read and comment, give me advice and suggestions and compliment me in so many ways. I never expected any of this, so it has sure been a pleasant surprise!

Lately, though, I've been feeling so exhausted over my blog. You see, I love to write, but I am also very busy as a wife and a mother of two. As if that's not enough, I also teach music lessons and am a contracted freelance writer on the side. And on Sundays, I lead the music for our church's children's program. Between my first job as a wife and mother, my second job as a homemaker and my third, fourth and fifth jobs (previously mentioned), I am flat-out tired. Add all these responsibilities to replying to readers' comments, reading my followers' blogs (which I LOVE, don't get me wrong!) and maintaining my Twitter and Facebook pages, I'm practically a dead woman walking by the end of the day. Even a life full of good things can be too much sometimes.

(And now we know why I have acne.)

This blog started out as a simple journal, but I'd be lying if I didn't want it to be more than that. I would be OVERJOYED if I could help support my family financially by doing something fulfilling and fun: writing entries for this blog. I LOVE coming up with post ideas or answering your questions, building sentences and cranking out paragraphs, proofreading, adding photos and putting on little finishing touches to make each post extra special -- all for you! On the other hand, it kills me when I write a post that I feel is mediocre. Because if you, my wonderful readers, are going to take time out of your busy lives to read my blog, I want it to be spectacular. I want it to make you laugh, cry and think. I want it to enrich your life just a little bit, if not a lot. Otherwise, why should you even bother? If it's not "virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy," it ain't worth your time.

So, I put my all into this little blog. And I want you to know I love you. All 140 of you (and more I know are lurking in the shadows, which is totally OK by the way). I really do! (Especially you, Mom and Dill.) That might sound fake or contrived but it's the truth. Every comment I get makes me smile (except for the mean ones, but we haven't had any of those in a long time). I'm honored when you link to me on your own blogs or post about something I recently discussed. It makes me feel like a million bucks!

To reward you for your awesomeness, I want to continue telling stories that lift you up and help you fall in love with life and maybe make you smile. After all, you deserve it! There's a whole sea of blogs out there and you've chosen me; it's the least I can do.

Now it's your turn: Critique this blog. What do you like? What do you want more of? Is there a feature you'd like to see regularly? Is there anything you absolutely hate (be gentle)?

Also, please know that in the near future, I will probably cut my blogging down to three days a week so I don't wind up dying of a heart attack in five years. I hope that doesn't make anyone sad! But if I'm dead, I can't write! It's for the best.


  1. Just wanted to say I LOVE reading your blog. It always makes me laugh. :)

  2. I'm a new reader, but I just wanted to let you know that what I like the most about this blog is your honesty and down-to-earth writing. I love your sense of humor, and I really like this blog because it is so real. I'm always looking for updates, and I love that you talk about everything... not just cooking or no-pooing or motherhood. Thanks for writing this post... it's okay if you may be getting slightly burned out from everything. I respect you because you're willing to admit that you're not super woman all the time. :)

  3. I like your "natural" tips--like the oil-cleansing method and using vinegar!

  4. I love reading your blog! You are hilarious, and I find myself "loling" literally quite often.

  5. Gorgeous photo of you! :)

    And I'm a new reader, but I sure like your blog! :)

  6. There are a few things I love about your blog. First off, the way you share things about your life make me so happy for you, not envious. I think you have a talent in doing that, because it's hard to do. Also, you are so honest but have great tact. Another great part is that your background as a journalist comes through where we get the scoop on different things worth trying and great stories. All in all, it's a blog that always makes me happy after I read it. It can't get much better than that!

  7. Well, I am new here #141 and do not have anything to critique. I will tell you that I like your honest and candid style of writing. I will also give you unsolicited advice. Write on this blog because you enjoy it. If you do not get to respond to every comment, it's okay. Your readers will forgive you. Have this be a source of energy for you, that helps propel you in the rest of your endeavors. It should not drain you.

  8. I love it when your friends think your Momma looks so young! :) I also love it when you peer review my research papers for my BYU classes. Love, Mom p.s. Only one more paper to go!

  9. I like blogging without obligation. If you want to blog less, you shouldn't feel like that's a bad thing. If you want to blog more, then we are all here waiting. How do I find time to blog? I do it when I feel like it! If you stop blogging for a year, and then something hits you and you feel the need, then blog without reserve!

    Personally, I'd like to see more videos. They are so real and fit in with your journalism talents.

    But honestly, just write with the real personality that you always do. :)

  10. I like everything about your blog! You seem to dabble a bit into everything; mom stuff, house stuff, diy stuff, etc....

  11. Lovely pic of you m'dear, that's my good side as well, unfortunately my zits don't care and decide to camp out there anyway. I think you should blog about whatev you want to blog about because so far its been fantastic! Its you and its real. And people respond to real, these days they can spot bs from a mile away. So keep rockin it! HAGS! Call me! Stay cool! ;)

  12. Love your blog, Jenna. Now that I have started my own blog, I realize the amount of time it takes to actually write a post the length that you do. Takes like two minutes to read, an hour to write. Personally I would be ok with less posts. I only read blogs every few days and sometimes I'm 5 posts behind on yours! Hard to keep up. And...I sort of wish you wrote more about your kids. :)

  13. Oh, and I REALLY want to see a vid of you singing. And playing the piano. Cuz I have never heard you do either and I've heard you are amazing!

  14. Jenna- I just adore your writing point of view. I love how you look at the world and your creative spunk comes through your writing with your humor! I want to hear more about Jenna! More about the house, how you juggle two kids (I'm still learning!) and what life is like! Bring it on! Oh, and maybe look into doing your bloggy writing in 1 day then schedule them throughout the week? :)


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