Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Q and A: Round 1

Wowzers! I got lots of questions from you guys. This is going to be fun! I thought it might be best to break it up into two days. I'm kind of wordy (ok, really wordy) and don't want this to turn into a novel.

Elise asked, "If you could be one kitchen utensil, what would you be and why?"

I would be a Santoku knife. Exhibit A:

This is the one I have and I can't live without it.

The Santoku knife is an expensive, valuable utensil, but it can take a beating. It's in it for the long-haul and doesn't risk being replaced like a spatula. It's useful and can cut through anything so it gets a lot of action (wink wink). It's dangerous, so I'd be respected. And at the end of the day, it is placed in a safe, highly-revered place (usually a knife block), not tossed carelessly into a drawer like other utensils. So there's a very slim chance of being chucked to the ground or ruthlessly banged against a pot by a curious toddler.

My Santoku knife has a good life.

The Burton Family asked, "Now that you've done both, which do you like better? Short or long hair?"

Definitely short. Less up-keep, more sass. I still can't figure out why I'm growing my hair out. I so want to go back to this:

We'll see. I figure I should at least give it a year.

Teac77 asked, "What healthy foods do you and Dillon enjoy?"

We're all about the raw fruits and veggies! At the moment I can't eat enough berries, specifically blueberries. They're so cheap and abundant this time of year. I love to add them to a steaming bowl of oatmeal in the morning or a cup of Dannon All Natural vanilla yogurt for a snack. And I'm always down for some fresh broccoli. Yum yum yum.

Dill favors pink lady apples (also known as Cripps pink). They have a special place in his heart. He gets very excited when I buy them. They are a gorgeous rosy color and have a tarty sweet flavor. They're also really crispy and juicy. They're pretty much the perfect apple.

ACW asked, What are your top go-to dinners? What does a mom of two do to stay happy and healthy? Will baby #3 be a C section or VBAC? What are the funniest things your 5 year old has said?

Great questions! I'd like to dedicate a whole post to #2, actually, so be on the look-out for that. As for the rest ...

1) If I'm having company over, I usually make Paula Deen's Crock Pot Macaroni and Cheese (but I leave out the eggs) or the Easy Lasagna I posted recently. Those dishes are impressive, tasty and feed a lot of people. And they're "safe" for picky eaters (although, I am suspicious Paula Deen's mac 'n cheese is responsible for 32% of all heart attacks).

If I'm in a dinner pinch and need to make something quick, I default to grilled cheese sandwiches. When all else fails, I always have butter, bread and cheese on hand. Plus, have you had grilled cheese on homemade whole-wheat bread? It's practically a spiritual experience it's so delicious. WOW. I've also been known to whip up Navajo tacos and pancakes and eggs at the last minute.

2) Baby #3 will hopefully be a VBAC. As rough as my VBAC was in comparison to my C-section, I am terrified of most medical procedures and the mere thought of surgery makes me weak in the knees. Plus, I've been told that pushing out babies gets easier with time. Who knows? Maybe I'll be one of those lucky girls who shows up at the hospital dilated to a 10 and the baby just slides on out! One can only hope!

3) Well, Bubby is not quite 4, though she does seem old for her age. But she says some hysterical things, that's true. Yesterday, my mom came over to watch my kids while I taught a piano lesson. After the lesson, she informed me Bubby did not want to get off the computer to spend time with her. I was pretty sad about that. So Dill and I had a talk with her about it last night. Dill said, "When Grammy comes over, you need to play with her." Bubby responded, "Well, Grammy liked to play Nick Jr. when she was a kid ... " It was hard not to bust up at that one. Also, she tells me all the time how when she's 6, she's going to play soccer and when she's 10, she's going to get a white puppy named Illie. Such an active little imagination.

Join me tomorrow for Round 2!


  1. Fun interview. You definitely seem to rock the short hair

  2. That Mac n cheese recipe sounds delish! But why do you omit the eggs? Have you tried it both ways?

  3. @Kendra, someone posted in the comments on that recipe that they left them out. I wasn't sure I wanted "eggy" mac 'n cheese so I figured I'd take their advice. I've never tried it with the eggs, but rest assured it's DELICIOUS without them.

  4. Cool! I think you should make each question an entire post.. Nice to hang with you on Monday. And I totally thought your daughter was older! Ha ha. She's so mature.

  5. I totally have a random question... Hope I didn't miss my chance. :) What in the world did you eat when you were off dairy while nursing?!?

  6. You're too funny. I don't think anything is going to slide out of a lady so tiny! Seriously! But I'll keep hope alive for you in that department :)

    I'd like to know...
    -Do you ever regret marrying so young? (Sorry if that is too personal)
    -Since you live in AZ, do you ever run into other LDS mommy bloggers? There are quite a few in AZ I think.
    -If you could meet 5 blog friends who would you chose to meet and why?

    That's all for now!


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