Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Do you ever feel like ...'re not thin enough?
... your skin's not smooth enough?
... your kids don't behave well enough?
... you don't eat healthy enough?
... you don't exercise enough?
... your house isn't clean enough?
... you don't have enough money?
... you're not fun enough?'re not interesting enough?
... you're not talented enough?
... your clothes aren't nice enough?
... you aren't spiritual enough?
... you just simply aren't enough?

Well, I'm here to tell you to stop right now, because
You ARE enough.

You're beautiful.
You're talented.
You're smart.
You're creative.
You're connected.

You are a CHILD OF GOD.

And don't you forget it!

Brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Bloggerwoman.


  1. I love this. Thank you for sharing! I have a youtube playlist of Mormon Message videos and on Sundays I like to let them run while I'm getting myself and the kids ready. The kids love it and I love it. So inspirational!

  2. Holy mind reader batman! This is a very good post.

  3. Thanks for this - it's really what I needed to hear today!


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