Thursday, September 22, 2011

House Tour: Smush's room!

Did you finish your Halloween wreath yet? I know, Halloween's a month and 10 days away. Too early? Nah. My philosophy is you can start putting Halloween stuff up on September 1st and you'll only look slightly crazy. But you'll be having so much fun doing it!

Today, I decided to give you a glimpse into Smush's room. It's cute, I think. But I have this thing about nurseries -- I don't like them to be too design-complicated. Babies like simple things. I like simple things. So with that in mind, here we go.

I know, no window treatments?! I'm horrible.

The letters I made myself, just like I did Bubby's. Very easy to do. Just make sure you wait to buy the letters until they're half-off at Hobby Lobby, which is fairly often.

Mad props to IKEA for the artwork. It's so fun and Smush loves it.

The chenille loop rug is from Target. Target is my friend. It's that place where everybody knows your name and they're always glad you came.

 Let's talk about this GORGEOUS crib, shall we? The story: my in-laws purchased Bubby's crib when she was born. Family tradition! It was a beautiful convertible cherry crib, too. But it was dangerous, I guess, so it was recalled a few months before we moved to Arizona. The deal of the recall was once you sent in the bolts of the accused crib, you got a Babies R Us voucher to replace it for the same price. The voucher came back at a whopping $350 so we figured we were golden, right? Not so! This was the closest crib we could find to replace it and it was $500. So we got to shell out an additional $150 so our kid wouldn't have to sleep in a Pack 'n Play. Yeah, it's gorgeous -- and expensive, and sadly covered in teeth marks. And also, I frequently have to rescue Smush's chubby legs from between the bars. So I'm not so sure it's any safer than the original crib after all.

Anyway, the bedding is also from Target. It was super-cheap -- I want to say $40 for everything (bumper, ruffle and sheets). I liked that it was colorful but not too loud and somewhat gender neutral without being tan or green. It's just a fun, simple set and it goes with everything.

Another view. Bug lamp: IKEA. Rocking horse: gift. Chair: refinished by Dill. Blanket: knitted by Dill's grandma.

Here's the other side of the room. The changing table was from Wal-Mart -- I liked how it could serve as both a changing table AND a dresser. So practical. And cheap! The clock helped me survive the first few months of Smush's life, when I practically lived in that chair nursing him several hundred times every day. It was like $2 at IKEA. No joke.

And yes, I ghetto-fied the chair by throwing a blue blanket over it instead of recovering the pink cushions. That's just how we roll!

Sad story: See that little box on top of the changing table? It's Smush's baby box. Well, on top of it, there used to sit a glorious lamp shaped like a lemon. It was the PERFECT lamp for late-night nursing sessions. And it was so dang cute! And the icing on the cake was that I got it at Goodwill for like $2 on half-off day. Anyway, one day the lamp tipped over (it was never very stable) and the bulb burned a colossal HOLE in the side of the plastic lemon encasement. After I got over the initial shock that OUR ENTIRE HOUSE DIDN'T BURN DOWN, I threw it out. RIP Lemon Lamp.


Hope you're not scared! This is an old musical statue of a clown (I suppose that was obvious). Dill's grandmother gave it to him when he was a baby. I love that it's sentimental, whimsical and old. Although, I do NOT love when it randomly starts tinkering in the middle of the night. That'll give you a heart attack, let me tell you!

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  1. So fun Jenna! I love the crib bedding, and that crib really is gorgeous!


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