Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lady in red.

Confession: I love that super-cheesy 80's song, "Lady in Red." Always have. It's just so darned romantic! And that's one of the many reasons I could not pass up this fire engine red floor-length dress from Seesaw Vintage. I had a promo code so after everything it only ended up being $30. No brainer!

Check out the gold detailing along the scalloped sleeves. So perfect. I hope I get invited to a fun Christmas party this year!

Also: younger sister who is going to Homecoming? You are more than welcome to borrow this hot number.

Take a look at some other lovely finds in the Seesaw Vintage store. I really wanted this one but it wasn't my size.

Hope your Saturday is going well. Goooooo Cougars!

(I suppose a flaming red dress is not exactly Cougar-friendly attire, huh?)


  1. You had better believe my Prom dress was red. Oooohhh yeah. That dress fits you like a dream.

  2. Um, I LOVE this! It is so perfect on you! And you can never go wrong with scallops. Aye aye aye shexy lady.

  3. ohhh i love it! you were right, fits you perfectly.

  4. it's GORGEOUS!!!!!! every time i hear or see "lady in red" typed out, i can't help but think of baby mama. so thank you for that. :)

  5. It depends on what you mean when you say cougar. If you mean a BYU fan, then no. But if you mean an older woman who wants to date younger men, then that outfit is totally cougar! :)


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