Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm related to Cinderella.

We had Bubby's 4th birthday party on Saturday and it was off tha HOOK, let me tell you. Bubby had been saying she wanted a princess dress-up party for ages so I knew it had to happen. Non-negotiable.

I decorated the table like this (those are candy necklace kits on the plates):

The view of the room.

The FABULOUS cake, made by DeKadent DesignZ (Jen the Cake Lady happens to be my neighbor. So lucky):

It was seriously the most DELICIOUS chocolate cake I've ever eaten. I may or may not have had 5 slices since Saturday.

Anyway, this cake also came with two dozen scrumptious cupcakes that looked like this:

My gorgeous princess dressed up as none other than Cinderella (that's my bridal tiara on her head).

After we made our candy necklaces, knock knock knock! CINDERELLA (aka my little sister Mariah) showed up! The girls were thrilled. Who wouldn't be? She read them her story in the most dramatic fashion and it was riveting, of course.

The whole group of teeny princesses and Cinderella (Bubby is trying to keep her crown from falling off her head):

Then, we played "Pin the Crown on the Princess" with Cinderella's help.

Then we opened the swag.

A Cinderella doll, OF COURSE!

Then it was time to blow out the candles perched precariously on Cinderella's gown.

Ah, such a fun time. I sure love throwing parties, but boy was I exhausted by the end! It seemed like everyone had a good time. No one cried and no one got hurt or lost any vital body parts. And Smush so graciously napped the entire time! Win!

Bubby will officially be 4 tomorrow. I'm trying not to cry. It's going TOO FAST. Slow down, time! To celebrate, we are going to Avakea, Bubby's name for IKEA. It's where she wants to party so I guess we're going! Dill's taking the day off, too. Go big or go home, I guess.


  1. It would have been best if the candles were in Cindy's hands. haha

  2. Jenna, this party is absolutely adorable!!! It looks like it was so fun! And your sister and you look sooo much alike. She (and you, from what I've seen) make incredible Cinderellas. Happy birthday, Audrey!

  3. She is so cute! And your sister is a lovely Cinderella! :)

  4. What cute pictures!! I was waiting for you to post them! Amber did not stop talking about the party ALLL day! She could not believe that Cinderella and Belle play in their castles together :) Your sis did an amazing job! What a fun memory for Amber, thanks again!

  5. I bow to your master party skillz. That cake is so cool! And your sis makes such a cute Cinderella!

  6. How cute. I would love to do that for my oldest. She's almost 3. I remember in high school, I was Cinderella for a birthday party. It was so much fun.

  7. we did this kind of party for ashli's 4 bday was so fun! your cake blows mine out of the water cute! hooray for little it!

  8. I love that you already have a four year old :)

    What a perfectly darling party. I'm sure those girls were so excited to see your sister walk through the door!

  9. So freaking cute! What a fun idea and how fun for your sister Mariah to get to play dress up too! I think I'm gonna have to use this one someday.

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