Monday, October 24, 2011

Taking Halloween costume pictures with an unruly toddler.

Step 1: Have someone else set the toddler down and QUICKLY! take the first picture.

Step 2: Hurry and snap a second picture (won't be as good as #1).

Step 3: Time's up.


  1. Bribery- it works every time :) I like smarties- as they are clean, you can give just one- and then one a little while later as needed

  2. I can relate!! Julia being autistic makes it harder than most toddlers too so I'm getting pretty talented! haha!

  3. Isn't it the worst?! Everytime I pull out the camera, Taylor's eyes go to the floor, and there is absolutely NO MORE smiling...ehat the heck?!

  4. Oh but I love those chunky thighs. Thanks for the last photo :)

    Too cute!


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