Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Looks like Christmas barfed on my neighbor's yard.

A few days ago, I was driving around the neighborhood when I noticed some Christmas light-stringing activity going on directly behind my garage at the SWAT team house (you guys remember that, I hope. I sure haven't forgotten). Next to SWAT house there lies an oval-shaped patch of grass and a few bushes and trees. Owner of SWAT house (which is not the same dude who was arrested that fateful day -- they have since moved, bless them) understandably decided to take advantage of this convenient little area of landscaping adjacent to his home and filled it with lights, snowmen and Christmas trees. Exciting! You see, we don't put up lights (too lazy) but this year, we get to benefit from our neighbor's zeal.

Christmas cheer for everyone!

Then, night fell.

We pulled into our garage after a long day of Thanksgiving-related activities. I'm pretty sure the kids were whining as they are wont to do after a fun-filled day of wreaking havoc on Grandma's designer Christmas tree. We all got out of the car and to my surprise, I heard Christmas music.

What??? Do my ears deceive me? I thought. As we turned toward the sound and looked out our open garage door, we were greeted by a most fantastic lights display. Choreographed to music. Complete with a projected image on the wall of our neighbor's house.


Then I realized we could hear it through the walls of my house and it would light up my kids' rooms like a rave party every night.

Yeyyyy ...

The good news is, I have yet to hear the same song play twice. There must be quite a soundtrack accompanying this lights display.

To prove I'm not making all this up, I created a video for you to watch. Enjoy.

And please excuse my man voice + unmakeupedness. And yes, I just made that word up.

Question of the Day: Do YOU put lights up on the outside of your house, or do you just revel in your neighbors' Christmas spirit?


  1. First off Jenna, you crack me up.

    We are too poor to want spend money on decorations for us scourge. :D. So, I'm right there with you for enjoying the neighbor's lights.

    That stink about where your daughters window is :(

  2. That's hilarious... except for the fact that your kids have to sleep to it... but the show is cool! Haha! Merry Christmas :-)

  3. Haha! So funny! There's a house a couple blocks from us that I'm almost positive you can see from space. It's funny...but probably not for their neighbors. Good luck keeping the Christmas spirit for what's sure to be a very long month! :)

  4. No, we don't put up Christmas lights outside. Think about the electric bill right after Christmas for your neighbor... ouch!

    Just seeing the light display on the video made my head hurt. I can't imagine what Bubby deals with on a nightly basis. Hopefully she is a deep sleeper! And if not, this might do the trick...

  5. I think you should have your husband get out a board and put it over the window. Though...maybe they still wouldn't get the message?
    Ridiculous and hilarious all at the same time.

  6. We don't have a yard, but we do have a deck. It's much less lights to put up than a house, so yes we do. And wow! I know a house that does that every year and it plays to a radio station. Cars line that street ALL THE TIME. I would HATE to be those neighbors.

  7. You are so awesome. HA HA! I would be so annoyed :)
    I have some black-out lining you can pin up over the window if you want! It seriously blacks things out.

  8. there's a house like that in our town that we visit every year. we love it. i would not want to live right next to them though. i hope the kids can sleep through it. good luck :)

  9. Oh my word, I'd lose a gasket if my neighbor kept that going all night long & pitch a fit. You are too kind.... haha

  10. I like the festivities outside. It's like a party every time I come home.

  11. Oh gosh, I sure hope none of your neighbors are prone to seizures...

  12. I do think you are being easy going about it. While the lights are pretty cool, if I heard the song in my house, I'd probably say something. And your voice is delightful (very UN-manish) and I like the glasses look on you. You kinda rock the nerd chic thing. Not that you're nerdy, but you know. I mean, more chic than nerd. I love your face!

  13. My eyes hurt after watching that...

    And yes, we put up lights. But nothing fancy like that! I'll try to remember to post a picture on my blog/twitter.

  14. I remember seeing that house when i drove in the neighborhood the other day! Yes, I do remember the SWAT team coming to that house!!!

  15. So funny to hear your voice!! :P Your voice doesn't match your look. I thought you'd speak about ten octaves higher because you are so tiny. But you are adorable! And the lights are hilarious.

  16. I love it! If I could, I'd do something just like that at our house except even more extravagant! You would totally hate being my neighbor. LOL


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