Monday, November 28, 2011

Whatcha lookin' for? The BONUS ROUND!

Behold the phrase that someone had the wherewithal to so kindly type into Google today:

"laqrge unedited pictures of ugly faces"

Thanks to Google Stats, I happen to know that nice little phrase took them to MY BLOG. And straight to this picture:


The good news is, this benevolent person doesn't know how to spell  the word "large." You can fix pizza face, you know ...

Also, a recent increase in "unedited face picture" searches leading to my site might mean that there are now loads of beautifully Photoshopped pictures of me floating around the Interwebz. Or maybe hideously Photoshopped pictures. The world may never know.


  1. Seriously!?! I cannot believe that. You are not anywhere near to ugly, in that photo even. Oh well.

  2. Dear Jenna, you are far from ugly! And, seriously, who searches for stuff like that?! People have WAY too much free time!

  3. Even in your "unedited" glory you are still beautiful! And yes that person seriously cannot spell

  4. Oh, that is soooo funny! Especially because your picture under that heading is completely inappropriate!


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