Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The beard paid off.

Thanks so much for all your generous bids on Stacy's Auction! We've raised quite a bit of money already, but let's keep this going. So many awesome prizes to bid on. If you haven't checked it out, get over there!

On Sunday night, we went to my parents' house for Sunday dinner. That night, our Church leaders and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir presented a Christmas devotional which was broadcasted on BYU TV. Pres. Eyring announced the debut of some of the small clips Dill filmed in Utah a few months ago (you know, with his big ol' beard). Of course, at this announcement we all freaked out (read: the girls squealed) and gathered closely around the television to see if we could spot him.

The videos are gorgeous. They cast the roles perfectly. The CG and the natural scenery look amazing.

Finally, the video of the three wise men seeking Jesus appeared on the screen. We waited anxiously -- this was one of the scenes Dill was in! Sure enough, as the wise men bowed to present their gifts to the toddler Jesus, there was Dill.

Can you spot him in the crowd?

How about now?

So anyway, Dill's a star! Ok so not really. But hey, he wasn't expecting to make it on film at all so this is more than we bargained for. And even if it's only for three seconds, he's immortalized in a church film forever. How cool is that?

See the rest of the stunning videos here (more are on the way). See if you can spot Dill in motion.


  1. Yay! There he is! Much better than Sam's .5 second debut at a quarter inch tall. :) So exciting that you get to see him already!

  2. That's awesome!! Maybe I should grow a beard...

  3. This is so cool. Church movies today, Hollywood tomorrow!

  4. that's so awesome! when my brother had a beard a few years ago they put him in the joseph smith movie as part of the mob throwing eggs at an old lady...i think your husband had a better gig. :)

  5. What other scenes is Dillon in in the first round? How about the second? He blended in so well I had to really search to find him. Congrats on being married to a movie star :)


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