Friday, January 20, 2012

Sometimes ...


After a three-hour choir rehearsal last night, I'm feeling completely worn out. Good thing my kids slept until 8:30 this morning!

Do you guys remember that horribly cheesetastic Britney Spears song, "Sometimes," from back in the day? No? Let me refresh your memory.

You're welcome.

Ok, now that you're in the mood, let's play a game. I'll start.


It's hard for me to get out of bed. And actually, it's hard all the times.

I'm reminded of how much I love my children when I watch them sleep. (But not in a creepy way.)

I feel self-conscious when someone catches me singing in the car at a stop light.

I am mildly dishonest when I ad-match at Wal-Mart. But ONLY SOMETIMES.

I can't imagine a world without Britney Spears. Just kidding. The Backstreet Boys.

I'm surprised that I still can eat Goldfish crackers after puking them up every day for 16 weeks.

I get a little too easily wrapped up in watching "Prison Break" on Netflix with Dill.

I indulge in guilty pleasures like having a late-night bowl of ice cream. Isn't adulthood awesome?

I wish all things in life were as wonderful as a Sprinkles cupcake.

Your turn! Copy-paste the above and leave the bolded, blue part. Change my answers to fit you. (Or don't, but that might be a little weird.) Then, leave me a link to your "Sometimes" post in the comments!

Hope your Friday is super-stellar.


  1. I love that your a singer! It's something that I've realized lately how much I LOVE! Cute blog.

    Come check out mine: FEST


  2. Sometimes, you make me laugh out loud. :) Lovin all the references to old music like Britney Spears, BSB, etc.

  3. Sometimes I indulge in guilty pleasures like eating cookies and watching New Girl til 1am. Not advisable. Monday is hard lol.

    on a happier note:

    Sometimes I can't imagine a world without Mom the Intern, she's pretty freakin fantasmic!

  4. Click my name. You'll find it on my blog. sorry it's a little late.



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