Monday, January 9, 2012

Tom Cruise's stunt double.

The first time I ever saw Dill, I thought, "Dang! That is one fine lookin' son-of-a-gun!" Tall, dark and handsome. Our first encounter was a blind date, and afterwards I felt like maybe I should play the lottery or at least buy a Scratchers card. That kind of luck is not to be had on 99% of blind dates. Fact.

The second time we went out, Dill drove us to a church function. That was the first time I'd ever really seen his profile, since I was riding in the passenger seat. At one point I looked over to sneak a peek of his handsomeness when I suddenly thought, "Holy crap, I'm dating Tom Cruise how did that happen?!"

I mean, seriously. And apparently EVERYONE agrees. Co-workers, family members, even his fellow background players from the Life of Christ Bible Videos. I often finish people's sentences when they say, "Oh wow, your husband looks just like -- "

Me: "--Tom Cruise, I know."

And then they are astonished by my Legilimency skillz.

Last night while brushing our teeth, Dill and I were talking about his uncanny resemblance to Mr. Cruise and Dill said, "You know, I probably could be his stunt double!" To which I thought, No, because Tom is really short and you are not.

It's funny, though, because prior to meeting Dill I was frequently told I looked like Nicole Kidman. You know, the stunning Australian actress who was married to Tom Cruise for forever.

I'll take it!

At the time Dill and I began dating, Tom and Nicole were already a thing of the past so I tried not to draw attention to our resemblance. Bad omen, since our celebrity doppelgängers were fated for divorce and all.

(For the record, I look nothing like Katie Holmes. In case there was any doubt.)

But if anyone was truly heartbroken about the demise of Tom and Nicole, take heart -- their marriage lives on in us!

So who do you look like? Your significant other? Don't forget -- my dad is Donny Osmond.


  1. Too bad Tom does all his own stunts. He might have a real job possibility!

  2. Once upon a time people used to tell me I resembled Ann Hathaway, but I think it was just a long hair thing. I don't have her lips, like, at all!

  3. Hahaha that's awesome!!! You totally do look like her! What a pretty pair!

  4. People still tell me I look like Tiffani Amber Theisan (sp). I think I look like a fat version of her. My hubby looks a LOT like Chris O'Donnell. In fact, that is the first thing I thought when I saw him.

  5. Not me, but my husband looks just like Matt Damon!

  6. I get Jennifer Love Hewitt when I actually do my hair and make up.

  7. dillon really does resemble tom cruise. good thing he's not a psycho like him though. and i definitely see the nicole kidman resemblance too.

    i'm not consistently told i look like anyone in particular. and clint looks quite a bit like joseph smith... haha


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